Episode 15 – Travel the world and becoming a digital gipsy!

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So this episode definitely is ‘off the cuff’ but there’s a lot of really vital information for those of you who do want to travel the world and want to understand where to start! I will say this is definitely just scratching the surface, and unfortunately being the week of x-mas and with a product launch underway I’ve only really had time to hit record and go for gold!

But I do want to hear your thoughts on this and if it is something you do want to know more about, I have plenty in store for you let me know before I put weeks into bringing the right people on to give you a step by step guide to working overseas and all over the world as also how to approach studios and find sponsorship!

Leave a comment let me know if this is something to dive into further because I can open Pandora’s box!

Happy holiday’s guys!


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