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Episode 240 — Christian Alzmann

  MUST EDIT CODE FOR PODCAST PLAYER — ONCE ALLAN MAKES CORRECTIONS TO INTRO   EPISODE 240 — CHRISTIAN ALZMANN Christian Alzmann is a Concept Design Supervisor at Lucasfilm who created the concept drawing for Baby Yoda, along with several other main characters on The Mandalorian. He studied illustration at the Art Center College of […]

Episode 239 — Szymon Biernacki

  Episode 239 — Szymon Biernacki Szymon Biernacki is a Freelance Visual Development and Concept Artist based in Poland. He is currently an Art Director at Spa Studios. His credits include being a Production Designer on the movie Klaus. In this Podcast, Szymon shares his insight on becoming a full-time artist, switching careers; the challenges […]

Episode 238 — Corridor Crew

Episode 238 — Corridor Crew Corridor Digital is Visual Effects Studio based in Los Angeles. They’re best know for creating short-form viral videos, as well as producing and directing the web series Rush and YouTube Red’s Lifeline. The company has also create tv commercials for companies like Google and Machine Zone. Founded in 2009 by […]

Episode 237 — Ben Burns — The Futur

  Episode 237 — Ben Burns — The Futur Ben Burns is a brand strategist, an award-winning designer and an expert in user experience. As the Digital Director of Blind, he oversees the intersection of design and technology in all client work. He is also the Chief Creative Officer at The Futur. Prior to joining […]

Episode 236 — Side Hustle

  EPISODE 236 — SIDE HUSTLE One of the big frustrations that we all have is — we want more money. Anytime we want a pay bump, we have to wait for our annual review and see if we get a salary increase at our main job. Yet we spend our spare time doing something […]

Episode 235 — Seth Polansky — IP Lawyer

  EPISODE 235 — SETH POLANSKY — IP LAWYER Seth C. Polansky, a contracts, intellectual property and start-up specialist founded his professional firm in 2005. Seth Polansky LLC is a small law firm specializing in art, contracts, corporate, and general personal affairs. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, Seth Polansky LLC accepts clients from around the […]

Episode 234 — Lon Molnar — MARZ

Episode 234 — Lon Molnar — MARZ The mission of Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) is to deliver feature-film quality visual effects on television timelines by harnessing GPU clusters, game engine technology, AI and senior industry talent. Leveraging these pillars allows us to consistently execute with both speed and quality for our premium television projects. […]

Episode 233 — Matti Haapoja

  EPISODE 233 — MATTI HAAPOJA Matti Haapoja is a YouTuber and a freelance Director of Photography. He has worked with some global brands such as Nike, San Pellegrino, Epidemic Sound, Rhino, and Visit Norway.  Originally from Finland, he is now based out of Toronto, Canada. Matti launched his YouTube Channel, originally called Travel Feels, […]

Episode 232 — The-Artery — Vico Sharabani

  Episode 232 — The-Artery — Vico Sharabani Welcome to Episode 232! I’m sitting down with Vico Sharabani, the Founder of The-Artery in New York. I’m really excited for this one! I love this Episode. The-Artery focuses on a lot of high end visual content from branding to commercials, to digital experiences, to art installations, […]

Episode 231 — Why I Fail at Everything

  Episode 231 — Why I Fail at Everything Welcome to Episode 231! I want to talk about why I fail at everything. I also want to talk about the mindset around this — that leads to success. This is one I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: I’ve been looking at a […]

Episode 230 — Why You’re Stuck

  Episode 230 — Why You’re Stuck Welcome to Episode 230! This is one I recorded for all of us when we don’t get the wins that we want and we get baffled by that. I wanted to make it really clear as to why that is. Let’s dive in! FIRST THINGS FIRST: [00:53] Have […]

Episode 229 — Mr. X — Trey Harrell

  EPISODE 229 — MR. X — TREY HARRELL Before joining Mr. X, Trey Harrell was a 15-year ad industry veteran. Trey’s forte for balancing the technical with the artistic has garnered numerous ADDY (American Advertising Federation) and New York Art Director’s Club Awards for his work as both an Art Director and Creative Director […]

Episode 228 — Cinesite

  Episode 228 — Cinesite Welcome to Episode 228! I’m talking with Cinesite in London! Cinesite is easily one of the top 10 VFX studios in the world. I sat down Tim Potter, Head of Assets and Salvador Zalvidea, VFX Supervisor there. We talk a lot about artists breaking into the industry, as well as […]

Episode 227 — How to Get Things Done

  EPISODE 227 — HOW TO GET THINGS DONE This is for anyone who wants to get more done in their day or who deals with the frustrations of having a demanding job and family — and not having enough energy to get it all done. What happens when you have side projects, or if […]

Episode 226 — Justin Raleigh

  Episode 226 — Justin Raleigh Welcome to Episode 226! I’m speaking with Justin Raleigh who is a creature effects specialist who owns Fractured Effects. This award winning studio is responsible for everything from Aquaman to Westworld and so many more amazing projects. It was really fun to sit down and talk about the special […]

Episode 225 — Questions & Answers

  Episode 225 — Questions & Answers Hi, everyone! This is Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 225! I want to do a Q & A, answering a lot of random questions that I’ve been getting. This is one is going to be a bit different and I hope to give these more frequently. (Check out […]

Episode 224 — Controlling Your Brand

  Episode 224 — Controlling Your Brand Hi, everyone! This is Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 226! I want to talk about the topic of controlling your brand. I want to talk about my story, my background career and how I built my brand and which information I put out (and which I didn’t). I […]

Episode 223 — Blackmagic Design

  Episode 223 — Blackmagic Design Hello, everyone! I’m Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 223! I’m chatting with Bob Caniglia, the Director of Sales Operations for the Americas for Blackmagic Design. I’m really excited about this one. Blackmagic is a major cinema company that manufactures cameras, as well as DaVinci Resolve. I have a few […]

Episode 222 — How to Bid VFX Projects

  Episode 222 — How to Bid VFX Projects Hello, everyone! This is Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 222! I want to talk about how to bid out VFX projects. This is going to be a lot of fun! This has been a long time coming because a lot of people have been asking me […]

Episode 221 — Michael Janda

  Episode 221 — Michael Janda This is Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 221! I’m speaking with Michael Janda, the author of top selling book Burn Your Portfolio. We’re going to get into everything from branding to the business of design — and everything in between. I’m really excited for this Episode! Michael shares a […]

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