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Episode 254 — Start with Why

  Episode 254 — Start with Why This Podcast is in response to someone’s message, “How do I get things done? And how do I stay motivated?” You have to start thinking like a producer. You have to ask yourself the questions, “Where can my time go so I get more bang for my buck? […]

Episode 253 — Marc Rienzo — Mulan

  Episode 253 — Marc Rienzo Marc Rienzo is a Director, VFX Supervisor and Artist. He has over 20 years of experience of working in visual effects, including for studios like Marvel, Disney, ILM, Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, and PDI Dreamworks. He’s been a creative Nuke Artist for 18+ years in both film […]

Episode 252 — College vs Online Courses

  Episode 252 — College vs Online Courses There are mixed feelings around the topic of a formal college education versus online courses. Colleges are really expensive and they tend to not be pushing the envelope in terms of what you can do. When you invest in yourself, you want to have access to the […]

Episode 251 — How to Get People to Help You

  Episode 251 — How to Get People to Help You Have you ever reached out to someone and asked them for help — and never gotten a response? This Podcast is about how to get a better result: How do you get people to want to invest in you, especially when they’re busy? When […]

Episode 250 — How to Reach Busy People

  Episode 250 — How to Reach Busy People It is so critical to know when you are reaching out to people who are extremely busy. If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes when you communicate with them — and understand how they’re going to react — that’s worth its weight in gold. […]

Episode 249 — Louis Castle — Amazon Games Studios

  Episode 249 — Louis Castle — Amazon Games Studios Louis Castle Louis Castle is a prolific American video games designer. He is known for co-founding Westwood Studios and for his work on the Command & Conquer real-time strategy series. In 2017, he became the head Amazon Game Studios Seattle. As the co-founder of Westwood […]

Episode 248 – Maxon – Red Giant

Episode 248 – Maxon – Red Giant Hello, everyone! This is Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 248! I’m sitting down with Maxon and Red Giant to discuss their recent merger and everything else industry related. I’m so excited to sit down with Paul and Aharon. Maxon created Cinema 4D and recently acquired Redshift; and Red […]

Episode 246 — The Power of Empathy

  EPISODE 246 — THE POWER OF EMPATHY Looking back at the beginning of his own career, Allan examines what he should’ve done differently: Instead of sending out his reel over and over, he could’ve been asking for feedback: “I realize my reel sucks. Tell me what an ideal reel would be to you.” The […]

Episode 245 — Overwhelm: Quitting Before Getting Started

  EPISODE 245 — OVERWHELM: QUITTING BEFORE GETTING STARTED Looking at other people’s work can be really inspiring. If you’re looking at it from a place of “Where I want to go” — rather than comparing yourself to everyone else — you’re going to be fine. If, however, you’re looking at everyone else and thinking, […]

Episode 244 — Jordan Mechner — PRINCE OF PERSIA

  Episode 244 — Jordan Mechner — PRINCE OF PERSIA American author, game designer, graphic novelist and screenwriter Jordan Mechner is best known as a pioneer of cinematic storytelling in the video game industry and as the creator of Prince of Persia, one of the most successful and enduring video game franchises of all time. […]

Episode 243 — Going Against the Grain

  EPISODE 243 — GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN How confident are you that your reel is going to stand out of thousands of reels? Where do you stand in that spectrum? This is the big problem: We just send in our reel and we feel that someone owes us a job. And then we get […]

Episode 242 — Get Paid for Your Passion

  Episode 242 — Get Paid for Your Passion There may be things in your life that you find to be a fun hobby. And you think, there is no way in the world to make money at it! And maybe 3D is just a hobby and we tinker with it on the side. But […]

Episode 241 — Investing Back in Yourself

  EPISODE 241 — INVESTING BACK IN YOURSELF In the beginning of our career, we’re really hungry and we want to learn everything: all the tutorials, all the training, we want to learn every part of what we’re doing. However, after we get that first job, everything tends to stop. We think that we’ve made […]

Episode 240 — Christian Alzmann

  MUST EDIT CODE FOR PODCAST PLAYER — ONCE ALLAN MAKES CORRECTIONS TO INTRO   EPISODE 240 — CHRISTIAN ALZMANN Christian Alzmann is a Concept Design Supervisor at Lucasfilm who created the concept drawing for Baby Yoda, along with several other main characters on The Mandalorian. He studied illustration at the Art Center College of […]

Episode 239 — Szymon Biernacki

  Episode 239 — Szymon Biernacki Szymon Biernacki is a Freelance Visual Development and Concept Artist based in Poland. He is currently an Art Director at Spa Studios. His credits include being a Production Designer on the movie Klaus. In this Podcast, Szymon shares his insight on becoming a full-time artist, switching careers; the challenges […]

Episode 238 — Corridor Crew

Episode 238 — Corridor Crew Corridor Digital is Visual Effects Studio based in Los Angeles. They’re best know for creating short-form viral videos, as well as producing and directing the web series Rush and YouTube Red’s Lifeline. The company has also create tv commercials for companies like Google and Machine Zone. Founded in 2009 by […]

Episode 237 — Ben Burns — The Futur

  Episode 237 — Ben Burns — The Futur Ben Burns is a brand strategist, an award-winning designer and an expert in user experience. As the Digital Director of Blind, he oversees the intersection of design and technology in all client work. He is also the Chief Creative Officer at The Futur. Prior to joining […]

Episode 236 — Side Hustle

  EPISODE 236 — SIDE HUSTLE One of the big frustrations that we all have is — we want more money. Anytime we want a pay bump, we have to wait for our annual review and see if we get a salary increase at our main job. Yet we spend our spare time doing something […]

Episode 235 — Seth Polansky — IP Lawyer

  EPISODE 235 — SETH POLANSKY — IP LAWYER Seth C. Polansky, a contracts, intellectual property and start-up specialist founded his professional firm in 2005. Seth Polansky LLC is a small law firm specializing in art, contracts, corporate, and general personal affairs. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, Seth Polansky LLC accepts clients from around the […]

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