Episode 111 — Creating Mass Opportunity



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Episode 111 – Creating Mass Opportunity 

[-[13:15] This is a fun yet simple concept: Given the fact that it is the end of the year, you already have an excuse to go out with the bang (to network and celebrate the year being done). Here is your opportunity to instigate it. Throw a Christmas Party! 

Some of you instantly react to this: “I’m shy”, “This is not my thing.” All it takes is telling people: “I’m going to be at this bar at this time, let’s hang out.” It doesn’t need to be this complicated thing with pre-event management.


Become the Go-To Person

[-[12:05] The point of this is that you’re positioning yourself at the center of it all. You become the authority because you’re the one who made it all happen. That puts you in great position especially when you’re inviting:

– Studio owners;

– Studio managers;

– Other VFX artists.

[-[11:33] If you look at bartenders, inside of the bar, they are is the center of attention. In those position, there is a power shift and everyone is trying to be the bartender’s friend. It’s the same as to when you are the organizer of the party.

[-[10:26] Same goes for networking. This gives you a chance to get yourself outside of your comfort zone and get to work the room and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to meet. You are the center of attention. 


Plan a Kickass Party

[-[07:50] You can go further than just inviting people for drinks. There is already Christmas angle this time of year. You’ll get more people just because people are already out and about.

[-[07:10] STEP 1: All you have to do is set up a Facebook Group and invite a bunch of people. Ask people to share this invite at their studios. It’s a good excuse. All of sudden, you have a good number of people showing up just from that invitation alone.

[-[06:33] STEP 2: You can then call up the bar and tell them you’re going to have 30+ people showing up to drink at their bar. It would be great to get reserved tables. At a lot of places, if you can guarantee at least 30 people showing up, they’re more than happy to accommodate you / dedicate a space. Then you can post that “VIP Style” on Facebook.

[-[05:42] STEP 3: If the event grows large enough, some people or studios can even offer to contribute, once they’re aware of the event. All of a sudden you get a sponsored bar tab! Some bars will even give discounts on drinks for your party because it’s worth it for them in the end.


When Networking Becomes Fun

[-[04:35] Whether you just announce that you’ll be meeting at a bar OR you do the refueling system:

– Announcement on Facebook Group;

– Get a headcount;

– Get a space locked down;

– Go back to the bar to communicate that headcount;

– Getting a bar tab (some bars will give discounts on drinks for your party because it’s worth it for them in the end).

The more the event grows, the more people will attend it.

[-[03:46] Los Angeles is not the best place to get incentives from bars (unless you go to the valley). I’ve done this in Vancouver and it’s always worked out very well.

[-[03:09] Just think about that for a minute:

– You get to be the host;

– You get to bring people in;

– You get to work the room — or to get outside of your comfort zone;

– You can get people’s business cards;

You can call up some studios ahead of time (A TIP: Don’t forget to compliment them on the work that they do — and to wish them a Merry Christmas!)

That’s all you need to be. Word of mouth spreads really quickly. It’s simple and effective.  You’re taking the initiative and you’re creating the event.

You will be able to build your contacts. You get to meet people on even ground. I hope I get invited to your party!


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