Episode 110 — Your 90-Day Year


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Episode 110 – Your 90-Day Year

One thing I’ve talked about is your Some Day Goal (allanmckay.com/108/). By having that compass, you can check if what you’re doing is getting you closer that goal. What are you doing TODAY?

One of the big things is: What is your 5-, 3- and 1-Year plan? Do that right now: Write down what you could do realistically within a year, to get you closer to your goal. 


Rethink the 1-Year Goal

I’ve always felt that a year is so long that you’re going to either get distracted and lose focus — or miss out on new opportunities. On the other hand, managing weekly goals is too short of a turnaround. I started thinking about what if I start blocking out 30-Day routines. By having a month-long schedule, I can take a week for myself. A month is long enough that you can do a lot — but short enough that you can take on new opportunities.

[-[17:36] I’ve come to realization that if I keep my Friday as a day off, I have to accomplish everything in four days — and then have a weekend to do whatever I want. If I fall behind, I have to spend the 3 weekend days to get caught up. I like having that leverage and have that spare time. Even if I fall behind, I still have time to get on track with my goals.

[-[16:56] If you have these big grandiose goals but set them due within a year, you lose the urgency. Later on in the year, you forget about your goal. In the final area (which is October – December), you realize you haven’t accomplished it. That’s how New Year’s Resolutions happen.

[-[15:49] By instead making it a 90-Day Goal, crushing it is insane. It is also getting me results. For me, the word that resonates — is URGENCY. I have a colleague whose goal was to get 3 more clients by the end of the year. That’s too low. By accomplishing that, you aren’t really accomplishing much. But if you set out to get 12 new clients, not only is it a great thing, but it changes how you think about it. You’ll need to change your strategy and change the way you think. Even if you fail at getting 12 clients — and get 5 clients — it’s going to be a higher threshold.

[-[13:08] That’s exactly what we’re doing here. Instead of setting a year-long goal, you’re trying to accomplish something in 3 months. You’re condensing down these massive changes. Even if you don’t accomplish everything in 3 months, you’re going to get a lot more done in 3 months than you would’ve in 6 months.


Create Your 90-Day Goals

[-[12:40] That’s definitely something I want you to think about — Your 1-Year goal:

– It might be that you want to become a Supervisor.

– It might that you want to gain on-set experience.

– You might want more money.

[-[11:40] STEP 1: With your 90 days (please see a guide), think about your 1-Year Goals. Write down EVERYTHING that you want to get done. What are the things that you need to get down. I’ve been carrying the same paper for weeks. Make sure you’re writing down the pivotal stuff that’s going to change your life. If you focus on the end results, it’s going to be the big catalyst:

– Cut a new reel.

– Work on things with shorter turnaround.

– Build new relationships.

[-[10:03] STEP 2: After that, Google the number for a week: Week 45, 46, etc. Figure out where you are at each week. Start to figure out what you need to do each week to accomplish the 90-Day Goals. By mapping things out by weeks allows you to focus on pivotal things. It’s more about how you can measure things.

STEP 3: Every single week, work on those goals. Anything you don’t accomplish in a week, move it to next week. Bit by bit, you’re moving forward. But you’re not getting bogged down by the fine print.


The Keyword: URGENCY!

[-[05:07] The whole point is that by having everything planned out as a big picture and then broken down into smaller bits, you’re able to inch your way forward overall and see the progress every single week. By doing that, I’m not taking on too much or too little. When your plan is 3 Months, you have a sense of urgency. 

For you, these things could be:

– Can you cut a new reel? Yes!

– Can you learn a new software package? Yes!

– Can you get a job that launches your dream career? Yes!

– Most importantly: Can you accomplish all of these things at once? FUCK YEAH!

By doing all those things, within 1 or 3 months, you can crash these things. By having weekly goals, it’s also easy to get back on track (if you fall behind). Keep that in mind as you move forward.


If you would like to have an accountability partner, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I will do my best to respond. But it’s mostly about holding yourself accountable.

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Ninety days! Attack this with URGENCY!

Rock on!


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