Episode 62 – Deconstructing the Elements with Pete Draper

Episode 61 – Chad and Allan talking about pointlessness to burnout and overtime
March 1, 2016
Episode 63 – $1,000 an hour – negotiating beyond your limits
March 14, 2016
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Episode 62 – Deconstructing the Elements with Pete Draper


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Pete Draper is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience working in the UK and India on many amazing projects. He’s co-founder and CTO of Makuta in Hyderabad, India a vfx studio responsible for many high profile feature films.

This was a fun chat covering so much from freelance to relocating to new countries, touching on much of the 3D industry ‘back in the day’ as well as productivity and his book ‘Deconstructing the elements’ as well as plenty more!

Makuta VFX

Pete Draper’s Website

Deconstructing the Elements


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  1. […] In his most recent podcast episode #62, he interviews our very own Pete Draper of Makuta VFX, touching on topics ranging from freelance work, the 3D industry ‘back in the day’ and finally, his book, “Deconstructing the Elements”(http://www.allanmckay.com/62/). […]

  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi Mr. Allan, Thank you for sharing Mr. Pete Draper’s podcast. He is one of the top notch VFX artists in the world with great talent. Both of your works always inspire me. I feel that I’m lucky to learn from people like you.
    Thank You,
    – Rajesh (Your Student (LAS) from India)

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