Episode 63 – $1,000 an hour – negotiating beyond your limits

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Probably one of the more controversial episodes put out – as is anything to do with money. But this episode dives into understanding the logistics of what you charge as a freelancer and how to re-think it all to get what you are worth, but also do it in a way that your clients get exactly what they want as well.


This episode delves into essentially a lot of the limitations typically you can hit with negotiating your rates, and the reasons are pretty valid, if you come into a studio asking for a high rate when they budgeted much lower for a mid level artist, you’re not really able to match what you’re after. This episode isn’t about getting $1k an hour, although I used this as an example of projects where by doing bids you’re able to actually go much higher and set prices that if they’re agreeable to both party’s, you’re able to get what you’re happy with (as are they) without it needing to be broken down to an hourly standard rate. Most of the projects I do are on a per shot basis that I’ve bidded out and that way – as long as you’re able to stay on top of it and work around any curve balls on the client side that weren’t foreseen, you’re able to get receive what both you and your client are happy with and a lot of times this still ends up being cheaper for the client too as there’s less risk involved.

Again with a subject like this – I’m sure there are plenty of people who have their opinions, this is pretty much how I’ve worked on ‘most’ projects for the past 10 years although its not always realistic for everyone or always an option.

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