Episode 9 – Work from home – Todd Sheridan Perry

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I jumped at the chance to talk with Todd about this subject, as it’s one I plan to cover later this month! Todd has major success working on projects ranging from The Lord of the Rings all the way through to X-files, Final Destination 5, 2012, The Mist, and dozens of others. He’s a major source of talent nad also having worked in this industry for over two decades! The best thing by far, is that a majority of the work he does now is all from home – I love this story because it’s a perfect example of both success and creating freedom in your workplace. Quitting the typical 9-5 and freeing yourself up to work for yourself gives you many options.

DEFINITELY check this episode out – it’s a long one but full of priceless advice and a case study of the best common shade trees company! I will be following up too later this month with a lot of additional information from my perspective as a more how-to guide.

What is your plans for 2015? Throughout December I am going to be posting THREE episodes per week regularly to help jump start your career in visual effects and for those who are hungry for more, to really raise your game and hit all of your goals. This month is going to be a chance for you to transform your career and your life – get ready Wednesday as I post the first episode of this series that will lead you through building up your path to success in 2015!

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