Episode 36 – What it takes to create your own tv show for animal planet?

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From 3D artist to Executive Producer – What it takes to achieve your big goals in your career and get a tv show off the ground.

Fred Ruff has been well known in the industry for his vast contributions for over 20 years working originally for Autodesk as a Max product manager and having influenced many areas of Max including the design of Particle Flow – Fred is a VFX Supervisor at Refuge VFX supervising the hit tv show Grimm.

In this episode we discuss a lot of the history of CG, software slamming and the timeline of max and other software tools, studio pipelines and vfx as a business – but we also focus a lot on Medieval Monster’s – the new tv show for Animal Planet that Fred is executive producing and also the creator of.

We all have those long tail goals of wanting to make something of our own, and to all of us seeing 3D artists who grow into taking charge and creating their own property’s and going after their big goals, this can be inspiring for all of us to see and understand the journey and see how this applies to our own careers.

This episode focuses on an artist going into the industry to launching his own studio and then creating their own tv show content and productions at their vfx facility. Really amazing and insightful, check it out!



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Refuge VFX

Lastly join us June 17 for our first live reel review session!


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