Episode 29 – Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer hosts Video Copilot one of the biggest free resources on the web for learning amazing tutorials for creating stunning visual effects in AfterFX, 3DS Max and other packages. Andrew is well known for his witty humor and personality as well as vast knowledge in visual effects, and for contributions to projects such as Super 8, Star Trek, Fringe, Person of Interest and various other projects.

Andrew runs video Copilot which in addition, develops software and plugins for aiding in the creation of stunning vfx, from stock elements, digital assets, high end training products and 3D.

Andrew works for J.J. Abrams studio – Bad Robot, runs Video Copilot and manages the development all of all of these stunning products and training and software, while also somehow managing to also have a family as well!

This episode gives great insight into Andrew’s process as well as history and an overview of his outlook on the industry and his projects!


Show note Links:

Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer – After FX World Keynote

Film Riot’s Epic Summer

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