Episode 120 — Breaking Bad Habits


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Episode 120 – Breaking Bad Habits 

[-[18:53] This about this for a moment: It’s the end of the year and you can review yourself while it’s fresh. That’s the only time you can look at that with honesty. If you wait longer, you will begin to autocorrect. That’s just human nature. It’s good while it’s fresh to take a look at yourself and your year.


Start with the WHY

[-[17:08] It’s beneficial to go even deeper than that. What are the things you didn’t do and WHY you didn’t do them? You may be afraid to take risks. We all have underlying reasons why things didn’t happen. After a while, that becomes a habit.

[-[13:20] This is a chance for you to look back freshly, recognize what went well and double down on it — and then recognize the things that didn’t go well and WHY. Be entirely honest: The reason you didn’t get a pay raise is because you did slack off. Or, your achievement wasn’t visible. Instead of blaming yourself, lean into it and figure out what you can learn from it.


On Communication

[-[11:14] One of the big projects I did this year was one that I didn’t enjoy. I could blame the client. But I could also look at my end honestly: Maybe, I didn’t communicate well. Some of the biggest aha moments I’ve had were not communicating.

[-[08:49] Some of this may not sound VFX related. But keep in mind that this is a really political industry. I interview my clients more than they interview me. That way I am not setting myself up for crazy work hours or clients who don’t pay me on time. When it comes to getting paid on time, I tend to invoice at the end of the job. I had one contract where it took a year to get paid. This is partially my fault: I didn’t ask them about a better way of invoicing. I presented my invoice at the end of the project and they hadn’t planned for it in their budget.

[-[04:33] So, discuss payment milestones upfront. Make sure to communicate. Have a traceable email from the beginning. If the first payment milestone is not met — that’s an immediate red flag. Attack this while it’s fresh.


I hope you’re able to learn from this. Shoot me your email with your insights: [email protected].

We’re done for the year! I hope 2017 was amazing for you! You’re amazing for putting in the time for yourself.

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Happy new year! Rock on!

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