Work from Home 2019 (Side Hustle Graphics Jobs in Design + VFX)

This is a Live Stream discussing the benefits around working remotely in visual effects, design and game development.

Whether from home or on the road, the flexibility and advantages of being off site are great. We even talk about changing careers, moonlighting on the side and more.

Youtube comments:

Manabendra Mahato
Alan do think of A.I. is replacing 3D Artists or will in the future 😶
Aftab Hussain
I love your teaching style . I understand quickly
Evan Robinson
This is a good video, but it seems like the first step is be in demand. If I have 2 or less years in the industry why would a company hire me remotely when they can have someone more experienced on site? Like I am not gonna be hired to work on a film like avengers while being at home unless I was already in demand and a well established person like Allan Mckay or Andrew Kramer. Am I on to something or am I just wrong?
Brice Hubert
Me waiting for my vfx company to let us work at home during the covid19 isolation :')
Hibuta production
Allan Thanks for your brilliant contents. i really wanted that ultimate demo reel book and the masterclass! i followed all the instructions, i earned 130 points but didn't receive an email nice bro
Bapee saha
very nice
Dror Medalion
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jas karan
Please reply
jas karan
Which movie u work in Hollywood sir are u doing a only vfx course
Vishal Shinde
i have started my own company,i am looking for vfx project can you help me
amir koji
Allan Thanks for your brilliant contents. i really wanted that ultimate demo reel book and the masterclass! i followed all the instructions, i earned 130 points but didn't receive an email.
Sasi Kumar
Make Maya tutorial
the agile aardvark
One thing Allan: Your audio track is really really silent, compared to the average Youtube channel.
Alex Grau
Alan , really interesting , many things you explained about your studio and the way you work are quite similar to what I do. It would we great to hear your thought about the technical part , marketing to clients , and why not in the future release a course about scripting for making more efficient tools . Thanks !!
Hey Allan, not sure if this is too technical for this first part of your “working remotely live streams”. In your experience working remotely. How much of the pipeline in a tv series or commercial, would a client/studio ask you to complete? Were models or animations provided for you? Were you asked to composite your renders with the rest of the shots?
I'm sort of reflecting on what you said on this video. In my experience working from home, which I've done for about 7 years over a fiber or by going over to them, is a lot easier with some stuff while it can come in with some complications. I've made all vfx for several tv shows but it requires that you know the people you're working for, or they know you. In my case, not that much the producers but the directors and the directors of photography are the ones asking for me and knowing these guys comes with easy communication and mutual understanding due to common education on films. In some sense, I'm them, but I've chosen to be in front of a computer. This means that before vfx I worked with filming crews and I now how it works and I know how they think and I know the people. It's a lot easier when you sort of talk two languages, the one of the filming crew and the one of those in front of the computers, and I can only say, there is a difference of thought every here and there and it comes out of completely different approaches and realities in getting a shot done. But knowing both comes with some trust and easier approach solving problems on set on the fly as well as way before the first frame has ever been filmed. And I love that stuff, I love filming sets, I love the people and I love how they think. At times, coming in from half the country out I sometimes stay overnight at the set so they don't need to get a guard when they let me be there. It means no driving, more sleep, more time to think about the next day, or whatever, go put in your track markers for the next morning or something. It really is a way of living doing what you want and I always go in when needed, but other than that I also love just sitting back home solving problems. Who do this, they know exactly what I mean. No phones ringing, no doorbells, no visitors, not one soul anywhere, just you and the problem at hand. There absolutely is not one thing I'd rather do instead. Not one project you don't learn a new thing out of, but most importantly, not one thing makes me feel better. But it comes with a dark side, which might be a complication for some. Vfx being a time consuming thing in life, it will have an effect on anyones social life. Some can take it, some can't, me, I've lived that way ever since I got into this and I'm notr about to change my mind about what seems the most appealing thing I've ever done. So yeah, you do touch a brainwave or two with what you said even if some things seem to be a bit different over there. Nice!
Interesting !
Working on a short film remotely from Bakersfield California for a cool upcoming woman director in the Directors Guild of America. Remote work is honestly the best thing in the world and would be a dream come true to get more, even though I’m very close to LA leaving my family in my hometown to live in LA obviously wouldn’t be optimal. These things definitely need to be covered, thanks!!
Mahendra pawar
Doing freelance at the initial stage of job is beneficial or we must gain more and more knowledge of particular dept. like shading or lighting or look development?