VFX Job Hack – How to Get Any Studio’s Personal Email Address (2019)

Typically when we see a job posted, we instantly jump to their website and fill out the job application, upload our reel and pray to the VFX gods that you are considered for the position.

The problem is — so is everybody else. And all the things that we do to make ourselves stand out are stripped down and we’re put into a spreadsheet with name, email, link to reel.

When all that we are is just a column in a spreadsheet, how do we stand out? And, when we’re presented to the people who make the decisions on who to hire for their teams — we’re presented the same time as everybody else. This limits our potential down to a very small amount.

But, what if you could skip all of this? And speak to the decision makers directly. Skip the gatekeepers, skip the databases, skip the competition and go where it counts.

This video we start looking at a lot of the tools that are out there for sales teams to do their jobs, and we use them as artists to get the upper hand. And, we’re able to not only speak to the right people, but convey ourselves in the right light. Communicate who we are and make ourselves stand out.

Most importantly, we can build a relationship. Rather than spamming reels, let’s focus on opening up a line of communication and nurturing those relationships over time.

Remember, writing the right email is critical. Pitching whether you use 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, After Effects, what are the tools you use, what can you offer them, what experience you have in compositing, animation, CG and your overall art ability. Remember to focus in on selling yourself and keeping your email captivating. I know mostly I post tutorials on visual effects, but even in film school I feel there isn’t much content around career and I want this to show how to find anyone’s email, so you can stand out and shine.

Check out my video on how to craft the perfect email: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqD2EiCUuTA&t=280s

And finally, make sure to subscribe to my channel, I am posting another video in a few days showcasing the exact system I use every single day to get work and land projects. Bit by bit, piecing together an entire system around getting work.

Finally, I have some additional videos on this on my Instagram at @allanmckayofficial.

Good luck!


Youtube comments:

Pravin C
Hello Allan ji , you are really awesome and guiding many artists to get their dream job 😊
Byron Gonzales
Oh my goodness. I’ve been mostly guessing email addresses (still got responses). Had no idea about these tools... This is a great help! Reminds me of the third door book but seriously formatted for my pursuit in VFX
crazy boy
Sir humko Roto ka kaam aata hi humko job mel jaayge 9 years ka experience hi M. 8840429234
alex bez
a guy at my work tracked down the head of the company and asked him for a supervisor position... and got it.
Basically, I need to not eat dirt/shit, I need to lose every single drop of pride and dignity to be successfull. tl;dr: Licking ass and shoes. (And no pride isnt good, but you dont have to lose it entirely by being ultra cringe) We are all humans, surely there is competition, but there are also several levels of jobs, which means if one is OKAY with 15$/hr, a good folio as proof what you know should be enough, you dont even need a fancy CV, a regular one is suffecient. There is less competition if you just make yourself GOOD, unique and showing MORE than others. The HR/Studios need to be CONVINCED, and not their ass licked by being too creepy. This is what I think about it. And yes ofcourse Allan's way is a way too, but its a way where you see $$$ more than Art as a fun job. And when money comes in places as the highest priority, we all know where it ends. (*cough*.. EA, Activision..) I hope it works for some or another, surely its good content here, but "think", if this is the right way, thats how they gonna treat or look at you at the job. So to sum it up, if you're into $$$ and dont care if your colleagues look down on you, good luck! PS: Imagine some random person calls on your personal phone number you didnt give out anywhere because "personal" has a meaning. Sorry Allan, but I think this is just "another" way.
Mohit Panchal
Hello Allan, i liked your video but i want to know how i start a conversation to sups or lead in linked to buid a concetion
suruz uddin
A lot of positive points there. But your discussion would be more balanced if you could add diplomatic corner cases while relationship building.
jas karan
Can 1 year is right for learn vfx
Taek Oh
Thank you for real life tips! Something that no one else really talks about
Vilhelm Larsen
Great stuff man
Nikita Nigam
love u allan from india.
This is solid advice, mate. Cheers!
3D Animation
Great video!
Kunal Yadav
Amazing video Allan, so informative and super cool too. Thanks for sharing such imp. strategy for free. Thank you soo soo much and i am gonna keep in mind not to spam everyone.