VFX Job Interview Questions – Top 5 Tips (For 3D Artists)

In this video I answer the top 5 toughest VFX Job Interview Questions that you’re likely to run into. As we discuss not only what to say to these questions, but also the real meaning behind them — and why these job interview questions are asked in the first place.

This is not the corporate interviews that others experience, but actual design, games and VFX job interview questions that you’re likely to come up at, at actual VFX studios; what we’re typically trying to find out from you — as well as how to overcome a lot of the nerves and other insecurities we might experience going to job interviews. I break down the different type of job interviews you might experience in VFX, as well as in the games industry (and design); and how to discuss the subject of money: what the common mistakes people make and how to handle yourself as the best candidate for the job. There are even questions that shouldn’t be asked in the first place like: “How much money did you earn at your last job?” However, answering the question wrong — even simply dismissing the question — can show you in the wrong light.

So there are lots of canned responses I include, to be able to divert the questions and continue on with the discussion without any conflict or friction. Job interviews are not meant to be an interrogation – but a lot of us still feel uneasy about them. I want this to be a chance to communicate how I’ve handled job interviews in the past, how I handle them now, as well as how (as an employer) I interview, the mistakes I see happen regularly and what ideally are the best was to respond to these questions.

Finally, I made sure to include a lot of responses from many teams I’ve interviewed on my Podcast such as id Software, Image engine, ILM and others and their views on many of their candidates interviews as well. I hope you find this interesting!

QUICK QUESTION: What are the questions you have around job interviews, or specifically the questions you want to see how to answer? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Arjun Ghimire
It's crazy how we get to learn so much things regarding this field due to this amazing person ALLAN MCKAY!! 🔥🔥♥️♥️
Igor Kardasov
Thanks a lot Allan. Great information
Janusz Tracz Junior
What do you know about the company? AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?
I always wanted to get job as a sound editor for film and TV and tried hard for a number of years, did several short interns, but no one would hire me. Just wrong personality is the only thing I could put it down to. Enthusiasm or over enthusiasm can come across as 'knows-it-all'. They think you'll be a nightmare who won't listen. 12 guys were interviewed for an internship as a trainee Foley artist. They each got a turn assisting the Foley artist. They picked one guy. When he asked why they hired him over the other candidates they said: "You were the only one who didn't make suggestions on what prop to use or where the mic should be placed".
One time I asked "What is your ideal candidate for this position?" At the end of an interview and was told, "Not you." with a laugh after it. I told them I wish them the best of luck with finding that person and smiled then left. Won't lie since it was my first interview with a company I went sit in my truck and cried.
Sanket Das
I am a 3d asset designer , can I join Ubisoft ?
Vinod Gaitonde
That's really great stuff. Loved it!. Thanks Allan!
Wee Tat Lee
Hi Allan, Thank you so much for the tips! This video is very informative! I really appreciate you doing all these videos to shed some light for people like me that's trying to break into the industry. I do have one question that i was asked in an interview. "What position do you see yourself in, in the future?" this kind of questions to know about your career goals. So my answer to them felt like they don't see it aligns with the position I am applying for. Cheers!
CL3 Media
Why the greenish color theme though?
Diego Salazar
And maaan your confidence and simplicity is amazing. You advice is reaaally good. Do you have a mail or Facebook? I would like to talk to you to ask you about some stuff about the industry and stuff
Diego Salazar
Thanks man! Amazing video 👍🏻 reaaally interesting. Cool advice and great narrative
Having a listen to this the day before my interview. If I remember I’ll let ya know how it goes haha
Max Cardenas
I laughed so hard when you said someone sent you your demo reel with thier name on it
Almog Chen-Tov
Super helpful, as usual. Thanks Allan!
Valeria Savchenko
Today i JUST discovered this channel and it is SO helpful!
Lukasz Fojcik
In one of video, You mentioned about music in a presentation and that this is one of the ''mistakes''. I have to admit that I am watching your videos one by one and I think your intro is too long and too loud. I am jumping directly to a moment after to avoid this intro.
Curve ball Questions are fun. I got one before that asked "if you were in a room and were trapped and no sound could escape how would you communicate with the outside world?" The answer was use a phone however my brain considered using the phone sound, so Their question stumped me.
Hi bro im from Algeria and as vfx artist there is no match work in her how i can get more work with ather studios in the industry of vfx in the world
Megavis ceo
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Eight To Five Entertainment
What do you do when you are in an interview and the Interviewer looks at your Reel and say "You didn't create this work You downloaded a template"... But you really did do the work... you created the template from scratch... IMO that Employer isn't a good fit for you...