VFX Career Goals for 2019 – Setting Goals That Stick!

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As Designers, Film Makers and Visual Effects Artists — we all set out with big goals to conquer every single year. Typically we let these goals atrophy, as we get busy and sidetracked with other commitments, deadlines and these goals fall to the wayside, only be resurrected in time for the following year’s “new” New Year’s Resolution.

Statistically, most of us even fail at these goals even by February! I wanted to quickly drop this video, because it’s important to set ourselves up right. And this year (2019) I want to make sure we do it right!

Whether our goal is to learn the latest VFX software, or improve our After Effects, Houdini, Maya or 3DS Max, C4D skills — dive into online film school, Allan McKay courses or Gnomon, Video Copilot, Chris Do, theFutur, Film Riot, GreyScaleGorrila, etc, or better improve our creativity. We all have big goals and setting goals is important, but seeing them through is even more so. It’s easy to start, it’s hard to finish. But the pay off is well worth it!

I wanted to get this up here quick, but I hope this benefits you. And if you can — please share this video with others so they can benefit from it as well.

Lots to come. Happy New Year!


Youtube comments:

Moiz Israr
Very true, I like many have struggled with setting 'goals' and going through with them, but this advice helped me into getting the right mindset for it going forward..
Mining Bay
My goals this year to make as much connection as possible , I mean strong relationship with the studios, so that I get a constant flow of the work as a freelancing person. I'm just a newbie with one years of experienced in Matte Painting and concept art. I recently discovered you, and I have to say this you are the most resources person I have ever came across in the art community, giving insights to those topics which are very rare, but still important. Thanks a lot man
Louise Harvey
this is a very timely bit of motivation for us, thanks Allan. I like what you said in your latest email that said "...acknowledge that any new skill or goal worth doing - is going to be littered with obstacles". That really resonated.
Carlos Hui
Thanks for the video. I really would like to master TP this year. It is such a hard program for me though. I always feel if the program you don't use all the time, u will forgot after some times. I hope TP won't be a program that I will forgot, but remember all my life.
Don Terrell
Great video Allan, have enjoyed following you and you work! I quit doing resolutions and started setting goals. My BIG overall goal for 2019 is earning 6 figures for the first time but of course I have some smaller more manageable goals in between that.
Hello Alan, that was really inspiring. I failed 2018's goals. Do not want the same to happen this year. It's already 3 years that I entered this industry and I do not feel like i am improving or gaining more knowledge. It's time to move forward. Some of my goals for this year are - Learn Nuke, (I start learning it then I give up and forget what i learned) Improve rendering skills, Continue learning Houdini and do personal projects. I will split them into smaller parts so it is easier for me to accomplish them. Thanks again
brhm singh
Thanks for posting this Allan. I've been guilty of defining goals and not following them up with actions. Intend to change that this year. This is a very helpful video.
Leo Ironwolf
Amazing,and I'm still waiting for your e-mail😏 [email protected]
Shannon Wilkerson
Very motivating thanks Allan. Appreciate all that you do for the community.
jaya prakash
Very Thank you Allan...
Роман Ручкин
всё что говорит очень полезно в будущем !!!
Stinky Sphincter
Hi there Allan, I have 3 small questions, 1- I am in the video game industry and trying to implement vfx and composting in After Effects with realtime rendering in UnrealEngine 4 to create Cinematics and cutscenes for games. Will you show how to export out destruction sims ,whether it's by ThinkingParticles or Houdini, into an engine like UE4? I know it is a peculiar workflow, but if that can be done, I have plenty of amazing ideas in mind where I can accomplish with taking your courses. 2-Will the 2019 year Live Series Action video contents be different than previous years or are they the same? 3- If I enrol in your Live Action Series in 2019, Will I have access to every content that will be uploaded for ever? Thank you, -Roozy
Bing Bang
Hello! do you also make fiction shortfilms ??? There is a short film i would love to share with you 🎥; you could search for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube or send me a message to give you the link, thanks a lot !!!
Kanit K86
My goal is to be like you 😍. I really love your work and also training classes you give. My vfx work is not so good right now but i will definitely improve it before next Christmas.
Mustafa Alfarhan
Thanks a lot you are the best
Mukund KM
Thanks Allan..