Venom VFX Case Study with Allan McKay – Film School

Going behind the scenes on the visual effects for the movie Venom, discussing the VFX for the film, not as an artist but as a VFX Supervisor.

Quick heads up: The ‘unedited version’ of this is located at https://vimeo.com/306717260

I’ll be playing with the format as more of these go up!

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Please leave a comment let me know what films you want to see next. Personally I am leaning toward Kong or Avengers: Infinity War — but I would love to get some insights from you on your favorite Marvel, sci-fi or Creature FX films! Or any others for that matter!

I think this will be fun to go behind the scenes on the discussion and I’m happy to disclose tools or techniques, and even create supporting 3d tutorials and compositing tutorials on specific shots.

This is a deep dive into deconstructing individual FX sequences and shots and the techniques and approaches used. Rather than focusing specifically on creating the CG elements as a 3DS Max tutorial, Houdini, Maya, Nuke or After Effects, we’re more focused on what matters — which is the process and though that goes into these shots and a look behind the curtain at many key insights needed for making these shots come to life.

Youtube comments:

Affonso Oliveira
So amazing! Tks!
Are you an australian-american? Interesting accent! Thanks for the video bro!
I signed in for this free course but I didn't get any mail yet :/.
Kenneth Russo
i'm a 52 year old marvel fan that had my mine blown away with vfx since the first spiderman movie and would love to learn this. right now i have blender since it was free on my lap top. what do you have to get me started?
thank you so much for this :)
Ankit kumar maurya
how can i watch venom training series?
Prashant Vyas CG
Really nice this type of knowledge separate us be hobbyist to professional
Kieran Jones
I wasn't a big fan of the rocket Introduction scene. From an editing, and slight directing point of view, I would have made the rocket on fire feel more Intense as the seconds go by and then cutting It to black as It reaches Its peak, completely cutting out the crash sequence. Bring It back In with the location card over black; sirens kick In loud and jarring, then fade from black to the people near the sirens of the ambulance, fire-engine, whatever the vehicle Is. Then hand-held follow one of the people running from that vehicle to the action, jumping from following that person to another (which Is the person who says "that's Jamerson), resuming the film as normal.That's just what I would have done for the Introduction scene. Would have saved a small bit of budget, not having to render the crash sequence, and, In my opinion, would have kept the Intensity of the scene up, as It Is a crash and Is meant to feel Intense.
Giorgi Mamalashvili
That's pretty cool.
thai duong cao
Awesome work man! This stuff is so interesting. I've been craving a channel like yours for a while.
Jesus Conde
this was great! not only for vfx.. im a concept artist and i took a lot of knowledge from this.. ill share it! please do one of the lastest harry potter movies.
hello! i would like to hear your opinion on alien covenant - i think they have outstanding cg creatures, much more life-like and better than avengers:iw
YOU ARE THE BEST DUDE! For sure I'm gonna learn a lot with you =D Best regards from Portugal.
VFX King
2 dislikes were from the artists that worked on the rocket scene
saurabh som
Mortal Engines .. The action sequence of the moving cities ... Thanks
Artificial Arts
Subscribed you are doing a great breakdown + your understanding is high :DGreat work! (from the breakdown perspectiv)
Aquib Hussain
Please please please make a video on the creature design from edge of tomorrow (mimics) I find them really fascinating as a rigging point of view and I'm sure they've used a combination of FX and rigging. Please make a consideration.
Dreamz Dziner
Never ever found anyone on the internet explaining these stuffs so clearly for VFX lovers like me. Enjoying every bit of your amazing detailed behind the scenes techniques. Respect!
Do one of the MRI scenes please
Pandale Misterio
*Hello Allan, thanks for sharing your knowledge with people, it's very appreciated!**This is god tier VFX, it's truly amazing job. By chance, have you used once Blender? (Mostly for fun or at free time)*Greeting from Chile :)