Venom VFX Case Study with Allan McKay – Film School

Going behind the scenes on the visual effects for the movie Venom, discussing the VFX for the film, not as an artist but as a VFX Supervisor.

Quick heads up: The ‘unedited version’ of this is located at https://vimeo.com/306717260

I’ll be playing with the format as more of these go up!

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Please leave a comment let me know what films you want to see next. Personally I am leaning toward Kong or Avengers: Infinity War — but I would love to get some insights from you on your favorite Marvel, sci-fi or Creature FX films! Or any others for that matter!

I think this will be fun to go behind the scenes on the discussion and I’m happy to disclose tools or techniques, and even create supporting 3d tutorials and compositing tutorials on specific shots.

This is a deep dive into deconstructing individual FX sequences and shots and the techniques and approaches used. Rather than focusing specifically on creating the CG elements as a 3DS Max tutorial, Houdini, Maya, Nuke or After Effects, we’re more focused on what matters — which is the process and though that goes into these shots and a look behind the curtain at many key insights needed for making these shots come to life.

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Hiếu Đờ Hợi
Thankiu <333333333333333333333
Fernando Biga
Hi Allan, pls make available the VFX Course Again...I am starting to VFX and will love to follow that course. Thanks!
Doha Guide
Thank you Allan.
Jaysun Spinks
Always helpful Allan. Whenever I'm in trouble while solving a problem for work I can always rely on your tuition to get me through. Thankyou so much soldier.
Hlaing Min
ofcourse Yes!
Good stuff! would be great to see how to breake glass and do suspension
9A Films
Hey man love the hard work, how to break animated objects or characters
Muhammad Arif Bhutto
Romas Noreika
Hey Allan - I need your help to understand how I can do this with TyFlow: 2:30min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARqfjcopqdE&ab_channel=MovieLaughs Also I have managed to do the begining, but I am struggling to transform those cubes to a different/next object/solid geometry ;/ Please help, here is a short video for my try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikdrm6kmy4d2849/Path%20Follow%20Morph.mov?dl=0
Hi Allan, thanks for the great tutorial! One thing I had trouble with was when you set Particle Group to 1, it seemed to disable ground collision, and physX collisions. I assume I have to choose the particle group every time, but I don't see you doing that in this tutorial. Maybe this is new to later Tyflow?
JM Design
whenever doing rigid body destruction I find the pieces flying everywhere, and I have it to real life scale, how would you fix that?
david dierckx
you are my legend.
Milad Savar
Great Work Allan
Arch 2 Build
which software do u use for the camera tracking....
Jan Grashei
Risnandar Multimedia
your portfolio is scary.. subscribed.. this tutorial really help vfx artist newbiee like me
Ram Deep Shah
Can we have proper car crash tutorial with glass break and suspension etc plz