Venom VFX Case Study with Allan McKay – Film School

Going behind the scenes on the visual effects for the movie Venom, discussing the VFX for the film, not as an artist but as a VFX Supervisor.

Quick heads up: The ‘unedited version’ of this is located at https://vimeo.com/306717260

I’ll be playing with the format as more of these go up!

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Please leave a comment let me know what films you want to see next. Personally I am leaning toward Kong or Avengers: Infinity War — but I would love to get some insights from you on your favorite Marvel, sci-fi or Creature FX films! Or any others for that matter!

I think this will be fun to go behind the scenes on the discussion and I’m happy to disclose tools or techniques, and even create supporting 3d tutorials and compositing tutorials on specific shots.

This is a deep dive into deconstructing individual FX sequences and shots and the techniques and approaches used. Rather than focusing specifically on creating the CG elements as a 3DS Max tutorial, Houdini, Maya, Nuke or After Effects, we’re more focused on what matters — which is the process and though that goes into these shots and a look behind the curtain at many key insights needed for making these shots come to life.

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Hiếu Đờ Hợi
Thankiu <333333333333333333333
yess!!! please!!
wayne hollingsworth
Hey bud....this workflow does not work with the latest tyflow build. Birth Shape no longer exists but when you replace to Birth Objects....the car does not show up. Any suggestions bud!?
Manuel Camelo
You're a GOD ! ,____/-------\o_____btw how do we export Houdini stuff into Unreal Engine 4?
Q tech
i am looking for tutorials on creatures
Arshak Khachatryan
Great Tutorial, thanks mate
Killshot SL
Nice :) great CGI and blender vs 3d max ?
​ Is it possible to do such a destruction of the aircraft in tyFlow ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUgrY73S1UE&t=8s
Ezequiel Pereyra
omg another free course, found a treasure
Hazem Zakaria
Please make more tyflow videos Allan, you’re great!
Naru Hinn
Fred Sena
I think I faced a bug.It was a long day until find the cause: When I turn off Particle Groups, the Actor behaves right, but I can't hide the particles. When I turn on, the particles is hidden, but it no longer collides to floor or box. Is it a current bug, or am I missing something? 3D Max 2019 - Tyflow v0.16046. Help please?
Fred Sena
yeees !
Allan......a dramatic or realistic mountain (with some trees) landslide will be awesome.
Piyush Bagul
Great personality.....helping us out
פאקי ניוז
Hi Allan, HELP!! im trying to follow the tutorial but in minute 20 when I press play my car just keep fall down and not deforming on the floor like yours, Why is that? im using Tyflow Ver 016040, Thanks Alot :)
Game Troller
Why is all your tutorials so long. I need 10 minutes workflow
Pati Pati
Thank you so much! I reproduced this tutorial. But, any problem happen. So I would like to see this scene file.. Like that replace car model as simple box.. Will it be possible?
Brice Hubert
Hllo Allan ! Any chance to find the free city destruction course somewhere ? :) thank you