Crowd Simulation Tutorial – TyFlow Zombies

In this crowd simulation tutorial we focus on using TyFlow to simulate the zombie apocalypse!

Software used : Autodesk 3DS Max and TyFlow

This tutorial focuses intensely on using many of TyFlow’s advanced features to simulate crowds of zombies and other visual effects using character animation and effects to create a zombie army!

This is one of many upcoming tutorials on this subject – stay tuned!

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Daniel Rivas
THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS CONTENT IS FREE thank you so much i recently started my vfx career because i get inspired by your thanos tutorials im so gratefull and also i signed up to the vfx bootcamp BEST COURSE EVER THANKS ALLAN !!
Thank you Allan! Should be nice a tutorial where zombies have different behaviors as they approach the target. For example, they raise their hands more as if they want to grab the target
MountainsX Company
Thnx you allan for share ur experience, Can i ask u to do tutorial crowd and stadium pepole .. in tyflow
Tin Colour Production horror
Very nice...may you please inform the configuration of pc for this software?
Thomas Bussey
Amazing, this is just what I've been looking for. Trying to create a crowd sim for Archviz and I've finally managed to get a Mixamo rig in to biped, so now to crowd-ify.
Mike Gentile
Great! What about one on traffic?
Sohrab Hosseini
tnx dude.Why the mouse cursor is not visible in the video?
saleem khokhar
how Allen is it posible you can teach me how to start 3d character modeling?
ayush patel
Yess yess want moree tyflow tutorials like this....your the best teacher ever 🙏🏻
Sim Alex
Nariman Safarov
no scene again?
DaDaDee Official
Sir do i learn houdini or max for vfx
Rattle Snake
You rambled for 8 minutes and I still have not seen anything informative
Александр Юрчак
anyone had a success to repeat this on .16057 ?? my characters slide under Speed influence starts from 30:00 this tut wont work for me, any help please
Shekib. A.
Cool. I don't have 3ds max but I use blender 🤔
Thanks so much Allan McKay. Big hug from Brazil.
yasir aboobakar
Awesome! Please make some tutorial on Terminator movie
Could you do a tutorial on a volcano erupting spurting lava and fire using Tyflow and Phoneix. Can's find anyone on you tube who has a tutorial on this effect.
Another super tuto Allan. thanks for sharing! Lot's of people like me using mixamo for downloading fun mocap....but the anim is coming in fbx with bones....very difficult for me to convert in catrig or max dummy. how can i play the downloaded .fbx in the same place? ...tyflflow "force biped in place mode" don't work.
Prem Kumar
Sir please make large scale explosion in 3dsmax...Thank you for amazing tutorial sir🙏