tyFLOW Tutorial — Sand Granular Solver (3DS Max 2019 VFX)

In this new tyFLOW tutorial: We’re going to focus on creating realistic effects with the granular sand solver in this tyFLOW tutorial.

I want to dig into how to simulate sand, dirt and take advantage of the granular sand solver in tyFLOW to create realistic chunks of sand that break apart and form shapes and react realistically to breaking up and simulated impacts inside of tyFLOW. Please subscribe to the channel, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming tutorials and training.

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If you want more of these videos, please leave a comment and let me know. Even simply typing “YES” to let me know to focus more specifically on tyFLOW, or what subjects / software you would like to see covered. Thanks so much and enjoy the tutorial I hope to build a much more in-depth lesson on this subject soon

Thanks, guys!

Allan McKay


Finally, I have some new VFX training out right now. (It’s free.) It’s over 18 hours of tutorials focused entirely around Live Action Visual Effects (City Destruction Class). You can check it out at www.VFXCOURSE.com

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edward gomez
Woooh popcorn and notepad time 😁
Alireza Behbin
Yes! 😊
Daniel Hoyos
Mad Max
catched this Vid while facing tyflow and cool inside view from you Allen (and a fantastic tool) thanks that much! Q: is this City destruction thing still available? Maybe www.vfxcourse.com work on my browser not right? Thanks for possible feedback already!
vibhanshu mobile tour
ur og..
vibhanshu mobile tour
more tutorial on ground crack after tracking real footage
oxhid3 - 3D/CGI Artist
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Mr. Sharp
I have a bucket with sand but the sand is moving around too much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUJ7ElyHiWs I tried slow and increasing gravity and friction still it looks like water. how to fix? thanks!
Superb. Any advise on best practice to export to UE4? Thanks !
more of these please!!!
Tyrone Mackay
YES. ;D great tut thanks
saeed zare
Jaysun Spinks
Thanks Allan. Always helpful.
amazing tutorial
Ravi Tomar
Amazing tutorial!!!
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tank you so much, i need some more !
Rami Safi
Thank you for all the efforts and time you put on these tuts, they're helping me a lot.
WorkFlow Studios
Can you tell me how to do human head cutting like walking dead zombies head cutting how do they do it can you explain me with tutorial please