tyFLOW Tutorial — Sand Granular Solver (3DS Max 2019 VFX)

In this new tyFLOW tutorial: We’re going to focus on creating realistic effects with the granular sand solver in this tyFLOW tutorial.

I want to dig into how to simulate sand, dirt and take advantage of the granular sand solver in tyFLOW to create realistic chunks of sand that break apart and form shapes and react realistically to breaking up and simulated impacts inside of tyFLOW. Please subscribe to the channel, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming tutorials and training.

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If you want more of these videos, please leave a comment and let me know. Even simply typing “YES” to let me know to focus more specifically on tyFLOW, or what subjects / software you would like to see covered. Thanks so much and enjoy the tutorial I hope to build a much more in-depth lesson on this subject soon

Thanks, guys!

Allan McKay


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Youtube comments:

edward gomez
Woooh popcorn and notepad time 😁
Max Sims please :))
Can octane render it ?
Christoph Dunkel
I also would like to see more TyFlow tutorials as I've always disliked Particle Flow and TyFlows procedures and nodes seem to be very cool. I also enjoy your tutorial style, the "Method behind the madness", going into the details of things. At least for me it works and helps me understand the depths of Tyflow rather well.
Thomas Sch.
Have a problem rendering. If I want to render the example, nothing will come. In the animated preview, I can see the particles, but when I click on render, only black comes. This happens to me also with other particle systems over tyflow.
Rudolf Böhmer
Could you do a tutorial on how to change one object into another and/or morphing particles into a shape
ssemukuye timothy
Hi Allan,i joined after the city destruction tutorial , how can i get it
Bohdan Kryvetskyy
I want to see tyflow full tutorials!
I want to see tyflow full tutorial basic to advanced
Hi allan.how did you learn the tyflow and vfx software and plugins?
Mary Shields
Yes please make more videos- this is fantastic content and I really appreciate your time. :)
Kannan Shanmugam
More like this.
Would love to see more TyFlow tuts, they're awesome. Thanks, Allan!
Anyone who says you talk too much can go fuck themselves. You explain things in detail & tell us what certain values mean instead of just giving us exact numbers to punch in.Do not ever change!
Hello Alan, I'm very exitet by your tutorials. Can TyFlow interact with grass simulation on it? I want to make the same shot - https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/attachments/maxresdefault-jpg.28072382/ but with ground and the grass on it.
Frank V
This is awesome I would love more vidoes about TyFlow!!
belete zenabu
gert work i need lern
Atabek Kadimi
It’s a great deal that you share your experience with us. Good luck.
Piotr Baluta
Thank you Allan. Great tutorial!
luis couto
Amazing ! Thank you so much ! and YES YES YYYEEEESSSS !!!!