tyFLOW — Skin Tearing FX Tutorial (3DS Max 2019)

Tyson Ibele just released tyFLOW plugin for 3DS Max. I wanted to release this tyFLOW tutorial on skin tearing, to demonstrate some of the basic workflow of the tyFLOW plugin.

tyFLOW came out recently. However, I’ve been at various speaking events the past few weeks, and just got back to the West Coast this week. So I’ve been tinkering with this on my laptop during long flights while in the air. But now that I’m back at my workstation, I wanted to put out a quick tutorial, mostly just to share the basic process — but also to get your input on whether this is something that you want to see more of.

If this is something you would like to see more of, leave a comment, let me know both “Yes, I want to see tutorials on this” and what typical features or even effects shots you would like to see? I’ll try to find some time in the next few days to publish more tutorials. Let me know: do you want to see more tyFLOW tutorials for 3DS Max?

Thanks again and I appreciate you watching this, I hope it helps you! And, if you are able to like / subscribe then thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Thanks, guys!

Allan McKay


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Youtube comments:

Have been watching for a while, with just lurking and not commenting. But i finally have to say: The dedication you put into these videos is absolutely inspiring. I know VFX is a niche topic, but it's baffling that not every single CG/3D Artist with a youtube account is subscribed to you. Your content reminds me of the channel of David. F. Sandberg. Just relentlessly opening the books and showing the magic behind the scenes. Im a Blender Artist so i might be a bit biased towards the "beeing open with knowledge" attitude. So it's exhilarating to see an industry giant like yourself sharing the same mentality. Seriously can't thank you enough for beeing such a approchable Mentor .
Simon Dowsett
Slow and inefficient.
Brian Danielson
Fantastic Tutorial. I would love to see more on this topic. What about, let's say the head gets chopped off, with the top portion flying away? In a sword fight perhaps. Would love to see more of this stuff. Thanks for taking the time.
Niall Cochrane
Outstanding, thanks!
Steven Childers
Disgusting, but I love it I'm twisted like you
Mayssam ART
Hi Allan McKay You can learn about this effect on the car body to change from one car to another. I do not have a cebas tinking particel to do it. wide tyflow plz tanx
you talk to much, just get to the point!
Aqeel Ahmed
inspiring ____can you please tell us to camera mapping in 3ds max
Alden Dunne
0:00 0:36 34:08 warp stabilizer to the max XD
Elf Incredible
This is really dope
Marko Sasic
I would love to see more videos :)
Hi, what if the mesh would be skinned and animated? Could you think of a possibility to have the cloth follow the animated meesh? Cheers
Algerian heart
Allan, I don't have the Birth shape. I know it sounds crazy but not sure why :S
CBC Films - Cousteau Bix Christopher Films
Is there a way to render this out and have a different texture for the interior so it's not the same as the exterior??
i was expecting to see in the final results that you showed us in the starting in the end of the clip
Great Content as usual Allan. I really enjoyed your Fume FX tutorials and content for years, the podcast you do and now tyFLOW is going to be amazing to learn. The CG Fire on Evil Dead 2013 Remake our studio worked on is all thanks to your awesome Fume tutorials. Thanks a lot, you Rock Dude : ) Greetings From New Zealand
Federico Rivolta
Many thanks for the tutorial, dude. Anyway, the more I work on 3Ds Max, the more I realize it's a tool from the past.
yeh crowds crowds crowds
Keeps amazing me how a Hollywood legend it's sharing his knowledge in a totally humble way with all of us! Love your tutorials! I was wondering how's the way to implement this kind of skin ripping in a real plate, ie an actor which hand starts ripping and the flesh fly like with a cero gravity behavior... Making a production pipeline about something like that would be glorious!!! Thanks for your tutorials by the way!!! Big fan.