tyFLOW — Skin Tearing FX Tutorial (3DS Max 2019)

Tyson Ibele just released tyFLOW plugin for 3DS Max. I wanted to release this tyFLOW tutorial on skin tearing, to demonstrate some of the basic workflow of the tyFLOW plugin.

tyFLOW came out recently. However, I’ve been at various speaking events the past few weeks, and just got back to the West Coast this week. So I’ve been tinkering with this on my laptop during long flights while in the air. But now that I’m back at my workstation, I wanted to put out a quick tutorial, mostly just to share the basic process — but also to get your input on whether this is something that you want to see more of.

If this is something you would like to see more of, leave a comment, let me know both “Yes, I want to see tutorials on this” and what typical features or even effects shots you would like to see? I’ll try to find some time in the next few days to publish more tutorials. Let me know: do you want to see more tyFLOW tutorials for 3DS Max?

Thanks again and I appreciate you watching this, I hope it helps you! And, if you are able to like / subscribe then thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Thanks, guys!

Allan McKay


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Youtube comments:

Have been watching for a while, with just lurking and not commenting. But i finally have to say: The dedication you put into these videos is absolutely inspiring. I know VFX is a niche topic, but it's baffling that not every single CG/3D Artist with a youtube account is subscribed to you. Your content reminds me of the channel of David. F. Sandberg. Just relentlessly opening the books and showing the magic behind the scenes.Im a Blender Artist so i might be a bit biased towards the "beeing open with knowledge" attitude. So it's exhilarating to see an industry giant like yourself sharing the same mentality.Seriously can't thank you enough for beeing such a approchable Mentor .
Chris Calleton
More please!
Pop Squad
All of your tutorials are very helpful and appreciated!
Raphaël Lëaphar
thx for the tutorial, learned a lot, how could i apply that to a mesh animated with biped ?
Paul Castro
Great tutorial Allan. You really have made tyflow not seem so daunting to learn and your instruction is easy to follow. Thanks for taking the time out to create these videos they have really helped! Cheers!
Chris Vergari
You know for the amount of time you took to tell us like 5 times that you don't have enough time to devote to this, would've saved you a lot of time (that you don't have).
edgar sargsyan
I would definitely love to see more
Ryan Mannion
I enjoyed all of these tutorials and definitely remember enjoying your Pflow FX course years ago. It would be so great to see much more on tyFLOW when you have the time. Thanks. I also look forward to moving through the wait list on your site to be able to participate in your VFX courses. Good Stuff!
Grafika-x Aleš Kováč
Wow :-)
David Reyes
A quick question Allan... What should i learn, cebas thinking, houdini or tyflow? it is very confusing because, there are al lot of options to chooose. Thanks!!!
Piotr Habdas
like always super, THX
Guille Umpierrez
Very cool stuff! Im amazed by Tyflow, hope to see more : )
Ram Deep Shah
Can we have any tutorial regarding cloth burning effects..plz
CCVFX - Cousteau Christopher VFX
Definitely want more with how to create CG gore so this is awesome!!!!! Maybe a way on how to do this as more of a solid than a cloth??
Thanks , Allan! Very helpful. Yes, more of TyFlow please!
Bobby Lachapelle
Dude!!! Your tutorials are dope! Congrat!
Credible Mulk
Great vid, would like a more in depth tutorial
Shannon Wilkerson
I would love to see more of this.
juan carlos echeverry
Put a skull and muscles under the skin and make them collision objects and the effect will be awesome.... lol....... Thanks for the tips..... Nice to learn from a living legend...... YES, we would like to see more about Tyflow.
Superb tutorial, I have been waiting for a Tyflow tutorials and its great to see a tutorial from you Alan ! I think most of us will be happy to get even more tutorials from you about Tyflow as well as maybe creating a big project like the one with the 8 video free training or maybe even creating a big course that isn't free but with lots of content on how to use Tyflow and the workflow around it.