tyFLOW Beginner Tutorial – Quick Start (3DS Max 2019)

This tyFLOW beginner tutorial will show you everything you need to know about getting started with tyFLOW and learning tyFLOW fast. This tyFLOW beginner tutorial will specifically focus on installing tyFLOW and creating our first particle system — focused on creating multi-colored fireworks.

As simple as this seems, these are in fact core routines that I’ve used in movies and TV commercials alike. So once the foundation is laid out, it can be built into any type of complex system with ease. So what steps are covered in this lesson?

– First we look at what tyFLOW is, where to download it — and how to install it. Everything you need to get started in tyFLOW in minutes.

– Next we begin to look into how tyFLOW works -0 as we create our first particle system — and learn the overall interface and workflow. Throughout the lesson we then begin to build out a Fireworks particle system. This requires us to set conditions, spawns and create a behavioral structure we can then change with ease.

By the end of this lesson, you will be familiar with tyFLOW, and have a complex system built that creates realistic fireworks, of all different colors. And something to then easily build upon into many different more complicated looks and layouts, depending on your ambition level.

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This video is the definitive solution to get started with tyFLOW and how to learn tyFLOW quick in 3DS Max. Once you have learned the fundamentals as a beginner or 3DS Max fresher, you can then focus on the tyFLOW skin tearing tutorial, tyFLOW Ash VFX Tutorial, tyFLOW Thanos Particle Dispersion tutorial, Sand Granular Solver tutorial or Dynamic Car Destruction tutorial — all of which are linked at the end of this video in the official tyFLOW YouTube Playlist.

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Thanks for watching!

Allan McKay

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Bohdan Lvov
Jeez, this is more engaging than last season of Game of Thrones. Thanks for sharing!
Pinoy Gaming Club
How can we setup material ID on Tyflow?
João Paulo PE
More, more, more!
nice one mate, thank you :-)
Зудин Илья
Great! Thank you!
izak nurman
thanks mr. allan, learned a lot from these awesome tyFlow tutorials
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Thanks, Allan. This is great and well explained. Yes please, I like more tyFLOW like this. Liked and Subscribed.
Bread of Life
Can you please make a tutorial on tyflow operators
Rony Khoueiry
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thanks for the tutorial...it helps me a lot
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thanks for the tutorial...it helps me a lot
Art Stage Allin
Great teaching tons of knowledge
قناة الموسوي
Thanks for the great tutorials as usual Allan!Quck question:when i add the delete operator followed by the spawn operator exactly like you did, once the red dots get deleted, the yellow dots freeze and stop moving, they will move if i add a speed/force operator to it but in your example they still keep moving before you add the extra operators. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Mark A. Garlick
Thanks for this. My god, what an improvement tyFlow is over Pflow. I can't believe it took so long to update it to something actually usable.
The_Last_ Stormtrooper
does anyone know why tyflow download doesn't work?
Антон Кашковский
plz more videos! thanks for the lessons
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Thanks a lot! You make me feel less intimidating when working with kind of node-based
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Great Tut, thanks a lot.
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Hey! Allan, I'm your biggest fan from India. I'm currently going through a very much tough task if I can't do this then I'll be fired.Please! Give me any tutorial reference or hints to create Realistic Fiber-optic moving on a path.Please! help me.