VFX Breakdown Twister (Allan McKay Reacts to ILM CGI 3D FX)

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VFX Breakdown of Twister focusing on Industrial Light & Magic’s (ILM) Visual Effects for the 1995 movie Twister! This is sharing my thoughts and experience as a VFX Supervisor reacting to the VFX in the 1996 film!

Here we focus on the creation of the Twister VFX Breakdown and both the tools ILM used such as Dynamation (predecessor to Maya Particles) and also my insights on how I would personally approach the visual effects today.

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Allan McKay
Try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days by clicking here http://bit.ly/32p24Xy and then get 10% off Dashlane Premium if you decide to upgrade using my code ALLANMCKAY
Mlondi Mzizi VFX
Allan Mackay Sir I like your channels but sir why you don't let us know which software you used .if so please let me know
Arnold Gillespie's Twister from Wizard of Oz is STILL amazingly terrifying and that was 1939
About deleted scene from trailer containing tractor. "Fangmeier had previously worked on T2, Hook, Jurassic Park, The Mask and Casper before getting the call-up on Twister from one of ILM’s most experienced visual effects supervisors, Dennis Muren. The senior VFX supe has earlier collaborated with producer Steven Spielberg on the stunning 400 frame POV test shot. “I wasn’t along for that test,” recalls Fangmeier, “but Dennis had the camera operator sit next to the driver in this truck out in Novato, California where he found a dusty road that approximated the film’s Oklahoma locale and then they would be driving along and swerving about. Ultimately all the debris was CG and it had this very hand-held feel which was important to Jan and Steven to represent how people might shoot a real tornado in that situation.”"
Simonas Korsakas
I always wanted to ask what annotation software are you using?
Dude love the CGI and VFX of you gave us creation facts from the 90s and you created the ILM Twister Test Deleted scene that was not used in the movie. Twister film and the attraction will never get old, R.I.P Bill Paxton 1955-2017.
_ Beamkid_
Ef4 tornado: Here's Johnny!!!
Rhashad Carter
Can you do one for Godzilla King of the Monsters ?
S Earle
OMG YES. Twister is one of my favorite films. I remember watching this film over and over again. I used to watch it and rewind it and watch it again. I'm from Kansas so this film felt somewhat relatable and I used to pretend that I had special "storm-sensing" abilities like Bill haha. I was ten when the massive tornado outbreak of 1999 hit south Wichita where I lived. I kind of lost interest in storms after that as it scared the crap out of me to experience a real tornado.
Hai if you're doing the twister movie again what will be your approach. Could you make a tutorial on twister like an f1 or f2 Could you please post the link to the latest f5 twister that you did thanks
t dt
It would be interesting to study the latest Harry Potter movies
Mahir Celik
Man, I remember your work in apollo 440 space fight scene it was the best of its time so that was big improvement in a couple of year after you recreating that twister scene
Vojtěch Lacina
Man, you are great and your deepk knowledge is awesome. Love these breakdowns. My 5 cents are to The Lawnmower Man - this is iconical movie :)
Afaq khurshid
Jfisher Kaaya
from Tanzania i love learning vfx and i i appreciate you Allan i feel I'm gonna make it br blessed
Gina Therese Hvidsten
Are you struggling with your recording software? Many times the video just stops, but the audio continues (i.e. at 50:26-ish)
Marilyn Chitwood
Way did all take it off youth
Дмитрий Быченко
I am Russian, therefore errors in my comment are possible. Allan, i very want to understand VFX, but i don't know were i can study this, and you are the only one, who can help me! I don't understand your videos well, but i hope, what get basic knowledge about VFX with your courses, videos and tutorials. Thank you for this!
Night Shade
Hey Mr. McKAy., Thank you so much for doing this. I am just starting with VFX. I would like to see something with snakes and snake animations. Or if possible provide sites for studying. Supa Work.
Curve Wraps
These case studies are brilliant!! I love listening to your breakdowns! I agree, since you’ve done the Mummy and Twister now, Jumanji should be next!!