VFX Breakdown Twister (Allan McKay Reacts to ILM CGI 3D FX)

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VFX Breakdown of Twister focusing on Industrial Light & Magic’s (ILM) Visual Effects for the 1995 movie Twister! This is sharing my thoughts and experience as a VFX Supervisor reacting to the VFX in the 1996 film!

Here we focus on the creation of the Twister VFX Breakdown and both the tools ILM used such as Dynamation (predecessor to Maya Particles) and also my insights on how I would personally approach the visual effects today.

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Allan McKay
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Mr Magic
Well was rudy
Mr Magic
It’s name is Rudy
Mr Magic
I love the movie 🍿 That dog looked like my dog 🐶
Bro how about the opening scene of the movie where the satellite is going around the earth looking like a N64 render
Gabriel Hutton
Hey Allen I love what you do keep up the good work! Can you a vfx study for Avatar?
This film stills blows my mind. I’ve always been impressed by the tracking. Absolutely awesome for 1995.
Joey Haney 911 titanic tutorial channel
Is the ef6a real life tornado or not a real life twister
I really appreciated the technical discussion for how they rendered the particles. I had always wondered if this was done with sprites. Thanks for taking the time to explain all that Allan.
Got love how from the start to people are able to run from an large Twister Tornado idk but hands don't irl they be flying up in the air they would not be able to run with that tornado that close to them.
Gotta love how movie makers don't stay true to real life but nice video overall.
Raptor Wars
Do you know How did Bill Paxton die? Stroke Bill Paxton/Cause of death The official cause of Paxton's death was a stroke, suffered 11 days after he underwent the surgery, according to a death certificate obtained last year by TMZ. The death certificate showed that Paxton had undergone surgery on Feb. 14, 2017, to replace a heart valve and to correct an aortic aneurysm.13 Feb 2018
Luc Trombini
No idea if you'll see this, but is there any chances you share that full ILM test for Twister? I've been searching for it for literally decades.. ! Thank you for such in depth breakdown of on my favorite movies !
Michael Carter
It blows my mind that tornadoes in movies these days are obviously fake and look fake but somehow they were able to make the tornadoes look real and feel real in 1996. Almost like they took a step backwards after twister in my opinion. Overall one of my favorite movies of all time and visually amazing. Not to mention a killer soundtrack.
Mlondi Mzizi VFX
Allan Mackay Sir I like your channels but sir why you don't let us know which software you used .if so please let me know
Arnold Gillespie's Twister from Wizard of Oz is STILL amazingly terrifying and that was 1939
About deleted scene from trailer containing tractor. "Fangmeier had previously worked on T2, Hook, Jurassic Park, The Mask and Casper before getting the call-up on Twister from one of ILM’s most experienced visual effects supervisors, Dennis Muren. The senior VFX supe has earlier collaborated with producer Steven Spielberg on the stunning 400 frame POV test shot. “I wasn’t along for that test,” recalls Fangmeier, “but Dennis had the camera operator sit next to the driver in this truck out in Novato, California where he found a dusty road that approximated the film’s Oklahoma locale and then they would be driving along and swerving about. Ultimately all the debris was CG and it had this very hand-held feel which was important to Jan and Steven to represent how people might shoot a real tornado in that situation.”"
Simonas Korsakas
I always wanted to ask what annotation software are you using?
Dude love the CGI and VFX of you gave us creation facts from the 90s and you created the ILM Twister Test Deleted scene that was not used in the movie. Twister film and the attraction will never get old, R.I.P Bill Paxton 1955-2017.
Ef4 tornado: Here's Johnny!!!