Transformers 3 VFX

A breakdown of all the VFX passes for one of the many shots I created for Transformers 3 – The Dark of The Moon.

Youtube comments:

Monhoo Batraa
Did you use these simulations to make a transforms movie effect?
Monhoo Batraa
Very nice simulation
Sadegh Lotfizadeh
hi Allan i love your stuff a question: how did you rip and crumple the car?
Was there a tutorial and a scenefile for this at one point?
AM Frames
hi, sir my name is amal. i am a student ur work is more inspiring.
Madison Filan
really cool stuff
William Minnaar
Love you work Allan - I have worked through all your training dvd's - Great Stuff... Mmmm... What a HORRIFIC message in the tune that you decided to use - "I want to kill everybody in the world" Today, in this world... that is NOT the best song at all... The world is on the brink of WW3 - Russia and USA are not working together - The NWO [New World Order] is working there magic of puppet... there might be Marshal Law in many US States - Gee thanks FEMA - And this song just makes people even more annoyed and pissed off! :( Think HAPPY JOY; joy feelings and thought rather than this PLEASE people!!
Pranav Ravi
I had no idea this was that much difficult. Brilliant. Waiting for your 2015 reel with awesome tracks in background, the Allan McKay thing.
Amol Borkar
Wow, great vfx! Anyone has an idea which, plugins and 3d program used to create effects in this video?
VFX Pipeline
Very Good R&D
Jozef Plata
So much work
Alaa Al-nahlawi
Coooool Master Allan and very convenient sound track :p
Oh boy! That's a pleasure to watch! Congratulations for those beautiful POWS and KABOOM!
that car animation was amazing, if you have time you have to do a tutorial similar to that :)
incredible stuff looks fantastic 
This music and visuals makes me wanna Brrrr ba ba Wub wub wub one out.
awesome work!
Bob Boby
did you made the police car destruction?
Adrian Gray
Looks great! Btw what was the biggest resolution simulation you had to do for the movie?
Mohaimn Draz
Amazing Work. But it will be more greater if you named the passes.