Writing the Perfect VFX Job Email in 2019

Crafting the perfect E-Mail Cover Letter is a science.

Your cover letter is everything! It sets the tone for you as you introduce yourself. I’ve watched many amazing artist’s VFX or motion graphics demo reels get completely overlooked because they failed to write a captivating cover letter. No matter how great your reel is, without a strong introduction to WHO you are, and WHY they should look at your reel, it’s very easy to click over your application and never even be considered.

Writing the email that sets the tone of who you are and summarizes what you can do for them. Gives insight into how much effort you’ve put into presenting yourself, your skill set and your job history. Whether you use 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, Thinking Particles, After Effects, Nuke, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, all the key words that will help make you more favorable as well as your visual effects, design or art skill sets.

This video we dive into the psychology of building an irresistible cover letter.

I will also be releasing tutorials on writing custom ones soon. Stay tuned.

Check out www.allanmckay.com/paris/ to get access to the email scripts and other resources.

Youtube comments:

Hey Allan, what should I write if I have to apply directly through the website? Some bigger studios have multiple recruiters, and I don't know if I should address it to only one person when I don't even know who's gonna read my letter. Do u have any advice? Thank you!
Vincent Amstutz
Hey Allan, thank you for sharing all your knowledge. I was there in Paris to your talk. It was awesome. I will be back in Paris in 1 Week for the MasterClass. I hope to see you there. Have a good day.
Shannon Wilkerson
Prashant Verma
Hello Allan, thank you for providing so much free knowledge, you are amazing. I wanted to reach out to ask you for pdf in one of your mail :' Here's a PDF email script for approaching studios for work' you sent on dec2014. I still have the mail but unfortunately link has expired. If you can send the link here as a comment or email [email protected] I would absolutely love it. If you actually do I will literally tell all my friends that I got a reply from you. And if you don't it's all right I understand. Thank you! :) Ps: you're awesome.
Artificial Arts
Oh uhm my dog died after 3 years fighting against cancer... btw I am a vfx artist please let me join your team.... xD wtf who did this?
Michael Akinfenwa
Great Video Alan,I learnt a lot of useful things,I'm going to incorporate them,thanks
Mike Oley
Damn dude, this is priceless. Thank you very much for sharing. So glad I stumbled upon your channel today.
Magnusson Productions
Love these suggestions - makes it more of a personal conversation and connection instead of a demand. I'm definitely going to use these to help me. Many thanks, Allan!
I went to the site just realised there are no email scripts just a link to download the video. I wish I knew that in advance.
juan Leonistico
allan, thanks for sharing with us the experience you have and the tutorials, its really helpfull
Dan Urbano
Man, who the f dislike this? haha
noyan bayman
this man deserves more views
Vedant VFX
Hie sir please please please let me interview you this is the exact kinda thing i wanna discuss with you on my channel sir please
Imre Nagy
Thanks Allan.
Awesome Stuff Allan, looks like a movie set with all the boards behind you. :)
Hell lot of tips to break the doors, Thanks again actually I need this because now I am wrapping the stuff in reel that I learn in fxtdt mentor program.
Manish Kumar Kamal
Hello Sir, How can a fresher get job in fx (in studios) ?
Lee Watson
I'm about to apply for my first VFX job in a large VFX house, so this couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Thanks Allan.
Paul Harrison
Thanks Allan, I'm guilty of messing this up as well and need to address it - this advice will help big time! Cheers
Thank you, once again telling us what we don't get in school, invaluable advice!