The Mummy Visual Effects Breakdown (Industrial Light & Magic)

I am really excited to release The Mummy Visual Effects Breakdown (1999)!

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I am going to break down the visual effects process — more from my perspective as well as someone who obsessed with The Mummy (as this impacted my career a lot earlier on).

I wanted to share with you a lot of insights into the production process (from my perspective) as a VFX Supervisor, discussing the visual effects for 1999’s The Mummy. This is both discussing how a lot of shots were created then, as well as touching on updated technology ‘now’ as well.

The original movie’s visual effects were created by ILM (Industrial Light + Magic) using tools like Maya and various proprietary tools (Comptime, Carrie etc).

Whether you’re using Autodesk 3DS Max, Houdini, Maya or other tools — many of these techniques are easily achievable these days with a bit of knowledge behind you. What I want to discuss is a lot of the creative process, as well as technical feats at the time of the movies release. And how things have changed now as animation and vfx technology as updated over the years.

Also, make sure to leave a comment and let me know what movies you want to see next! I would like to start making these a weekly thing in the not so near future!

The Mummy – VFX Supervisor (Industrial Light + Magic) :

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S Burns
Did you interview John Berton the Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor?
Alves 1994
Amazing how the effects are better than some modern films
Why didn’t they do Mummy Returns?
Shubham Singh
Thank Alan this is one of my favourite movie
Redwald Cuthberting
So when was ILM contacted to do Hulk as this was 99 and Hulk was 2003 and Mummy 2 was 2001?
Nick Collins
Did you thought about appearing on "VFX Artists React To Bad & Great CGI" by Corridor Crew? I discovered your channel recently and I think that your content is incredibly good. Awesome analysis of VFX work!
Muzammil Painters
Find out here my work
Behzad Abbasi
Thank you so much
Josef H
This is awesome Allan. Ive been looking for more of this kind of thing - VFX supervisors, etc breaking down shots frame by frame from actual films with some serious detail. Great!
walid hoyek
Saw it today, thank u for your generosity wish u csn in the future talk more about softwares and the execution part.
Александр Штраух
15:16 I think this is not a full CGI shot. When the camera is tracking it's a practical model with a quick cut to CGI in the motion
Maximiliano Hernandez
the people in the minute 5:30 looks more like low poly 3d models
Really was waiting for the moment where you would mention the multiple actors/CGI people they copied in between each other on the courtyard (in the beginning). Have just began to watch, but damn, 15 minutes in and it's so awesome to see someone also so passionate about this movie as myself. Especially the intro, it's so well done and makes me love (Ancient) Egypt even more every time I experience it. Didn't know they used miniatures in the intro btw, thought it was mostly CGI.
Bosco D'souza
Hi Allan loved this video..... one of my most favorite films since it dealt with mythology of egypt and amazing special effects that go with it. vfx at the time amazed me then growing up and continued with parts 2 & 3 ... How about Prince Caspian, Harry Potter series, Matrix Trilogy or Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3 for the next video. Would love to know more about them too. Thanks!
Vishnu M
One of Stephen Sommer's early movie Deep Rising also has some good special effects for a 1998 movie. I hope you will consider that movie too for VFX break down. So happy to see so many people love this movie.
Sathiya Krishna
Awesome Allan Mckay thanks for the module.
Capt. Jhon Price
The funny thing is most of the people don't care bad CGI , if the story and plot are good they will absolutely buy it....😎☺️☺️
Jama-tech PRODZ
Alan the Master, felicitation
George Onwuemezie
Just Awesome. Thanks