What’s the Best Way to Learn VFX? – Ask Me Anything #3 [3DS Max]

Recently I held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for the Allan McKay’s Podcast. This is one of the many questions answered. More to come!

Whether it’s on whether to use 3DS Max , Maya or Houdini as your primary VFX software or where best to learn visual effects, tutorials or school (i.e. Gnomon, Video Copilot, Film Riot or many of others). There are loads of questions I’ll be posting shortly!

Youtube comments:

Sense Promo
Hello Thank you very much i youre big fan.  I   currently beginner studying. Give me a suggestion. My country is not good at this specialty. My english language litle. I liked vfx, i need learn.
jeel trivedi
Hello,Sir we know about basic of physics that use in fx
Game Videos
Can I request a tutorial ? Im trying to make a destructible mparticles tree, successfully lock particles with LOCK/BOND node on a swaying tree animated tree trunk but , the MPglue events is not effecting. Can you do this tutorial
By some how i cant found your "char burning" video anymore, is that tutorial limited time ?
Modulehead Independent Creative
When are you going to start working on your movie Allan? 😊
Man, I trusted the wrong person. [You probably don't remember but I'm one of the guys that got scammed by Luis Pages] I gotta shoot you an email so we can exchange some ideas.. Great tips. Thanks, Allan. Cheers.
Great Video Allan, keep it up. i see 2D artists doing all these detailed videos about their craft but there are very few resources and informations on this platform talking about becoming a CG Artist and how to find your way to be part of this amazing industry. i promise you Allan that there are tons of people who can change their lives watching your videos, they are too shy to say that, or they don't know what they don't know!!!