Thanos Particles VFX — 3DS Max Tutorial (tyFLOW & Phoenix FD)

Thanos 3DS Max Particles Thanos VFX Tutorial (tyFLOW & Phoenix FD)

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The tyFLOW VFX Tutorial (3DS Max 2018 and up) is taking advantage of Avengers: Endgame Thanos as a 3D animated character to demonstrate this effect. Focusing on some of the fundamental principles of particle FX that we can utilize to create great looking particle simulations using the tyFLOW plugin and 3DS Max.

The dispersion technique is one I developed many years ago that is extremely effective for creating tyFLOW particle FX of models disintegrating. I decided to include Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, as the film comes out later this week and the past few weeks I have been putting together a lot of training specifically for the release of the film on the Avengers: Endgame VFX to breakdown similar visual effects workflows. In addition to the Thanos Dispersion tyFLOW VFX Tutorial, I will also be releasing more CG production training each day over the coming 2 weeks.

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So if you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel, and you would, please take a moment to subscribe now. Later this week, I am releasing an entire Live Action Avengers Visual Effects Sequence of Thanos turning to ash, following the look of the Avengers Infinity War (and Avengers Endgame) ‘Decimation’ effect from Avengers Infinity War which had a lot of exposure because of the recognizable visual effects Weta Digital created. Using the best methods for computer graphics, this 3ds max tutorial focuses on Thanos VFX process to simulate fluids and particle effects.

I will also be doing a live break down of the visual effects work I did for Avengers: Endgame in 3DS Max using tyFLOW, PhoenixFD and compositing in Nuke. Not only that, but I will be sharing all HD footage, all character scene files animated, textures and shaders, particle files using V-Ray and everything else so you can follow along in the visual effects training step by step. This will be entirely in tyFLOW and PhoenixFD for 3dsmax.

We’ll also be rendering in Krakatoa and V-Ray for rendering, covering photoreal lighting and shading techniques and a feature film visual effects production pipeline workflow. I also have a few other surprises, bringing on one of the character animators from Avengers to discuss animating Thanos!

If you’re not familiar with tyFLOW: The tyFLOW plugin for 3ds max is a new particle system for 3ds max based around the workflow of Particle Flow part of Autodesk’s 3DS Max. tyFLOW is developed by Tyson Ibele. Thanos Dispersion VFX with tyFLOW V-Ray rendering in 3DS Max. I hope you enjoy the Thanos Dispersion VFX Tutorial!

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I doubt there is anyone else of such a high profile in coop with colleagues involved in some of the highest grossing and best looking feature films explaining coolest looking effects and tools in such a detail and practical use. This is really a new level of tutorials, so Yes, keep up, and thank you from an old fan :)
Nils Jensén
As an archviz artist new in the business I'm getting more curious about animation and VFX as well, albeit at a very basic level. I really appreciate you being so thorough and still so efficient in your teaching. And it's not hard to tell you love this work. Yes, to more lessons like this one! :)
El Grekko
Hey Allan, most of the pro in VFX inc works with Houdini, why 3Ds Max ? I'm curious... thanks, I prefer "Krakatoa plugin" with 3dsMax for this kind of disintegration, are you use it sometimes ?
Ashin Rishwan
how to export the tyflow whn rendering particles not seeing
Viktoria Ebel
J. Prasad
Dror P. Shaul VFX
But how do you get your model turn into the particles?
Alireza Behbin
Yes! I want to see more of these videos!
Good Fellas
I just couldn't believe it was 3d maaaax! I work in it and just underestimated it! Thank you for opening my eyes! I'm a big fan of yours!
Samuel Aguilar
Thank you
Arman Chahal
You are an amazing teacher sir . Yes please keep making these tutorials helping me and so many other to achieve their goals .
Kiên Phạm
can you reup model Thanos again please? i can find that in link description sign up
Kiên Phạm
But in the movie. The actors are real human. How they can use tyflow on human if they havent models. Not like thanos can use by model. ?
Asilbek Botirov
Great tutorial. Thanks 👍👍👍
Hosny Art
great tuts thanks you are the boss
The Natural History Museum
Great video. I'm dying to see the next lesson where you get into rendering and activating Phoenix FD with particles. You refer to several times. Is it part of the City Destruction FX Class or available to see somewhere else? I've learned so much from your videos. Thanks for making them.
david mellado
Andre Oliveira
Ivaylo Dimitrov
Love your tutorials! Thank you!