Star Wars: Rogue One VFX Breakdown (2019 Case Study)

I’ve been wanting to publish this Star Wars Rogue One VFX Breakdown for some time, so I am excited it’s finally out!

Here I wanted to discuss a lot of the iconic Visual Effects sequences, and give my spin on these. More from the perspective of how I might approach these shots, and deconstruct some of the process involved.

When I covered Avengers: Infinity War, it was difficult to get very hands on, or in-depth because I was trying to cover too much. So I tried to keep this very focused to the most iconic VFX sequences in the film.

I would love to get your input on this, and what you thought were the coolest VFX shots or sequences? Please leave a comment: Let me know what your favorite scenes were, as well as any questions you have about them.

ALSO: I would love to get your advice on what films you would like to see next? Let me know by leaving a comment. Which film you want to see a VFX Breakdown of!

Finally, I have some new VFX training out right now. (It’s free). It’s over 18 hours of tutorials focused entirely around Live Action Visual Effects (City Destruction Class). You can check it out at www.VFXCOURSE.com

Thanks, guys!

Allan McKay

P.S. Let me know which film you want to see covered next in the VFX Breakdown series. Thank you!

Youtube comments:

Jerry Jacob
Keep what you doing :) #cheers #amazingbreakdown
You could interview steven knipping he did the destruction sim with the star destroyers
I suggest you break down Mad Max Fury Road's VFX. It's a really nice blend of practical and computer generated imagery.
rui Huang
Can you do some blender vfx toturial? like mate painting stuff.
Amazing channel. I was looking at the layers of rocks and dust in the Jedha sequence thinking - how in the world did they cache that and how much space it took. Amazing. Also, I wonder how Tarkin's face would look with Ziva. It would move everything together and make it look way less like a lifeless puppet face. Too bad Ziva was released later in 2017. Also until dawn guys used blendshapes which looked very convincing. Wonder why they didn't go that route.
Torsten Maekler
Someone tried to fix scorpion king with deep fake. Pretty impressive: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KH1V6CHO1Jk
Niko Craft
Your posts on LinkedIn got you another subscriber here and also I subscribed for the free destruction video!
Jamie Crast
Like the Idea of these Allan and breaking these down. In this one you mention you’re or have been a VFX supe for ILM, what have you VFX Supe’d recently? IMDB doesn’t show any shows for you recently or as a Supe, are you focusing on this side of the industry 100%? Just looking at how you’re coming at this and where your conclusions come from?
Diogo Carrijo
Very good content and insights as always!!! Awesome! Keep on rocking!
Aquaman please Thank You Allan!! :-)
Maxim Gehricke
I´d love to see more of these Case studies. They´re incredibly helpful! Thank you for providing these amazing learning resources.
Phill Riley
Hey thanx a lot Allan. Still need to re watch this coz there's lots of cool stuff in. Just wanted to ask,is it me that has missed out or have you never done a break down from any episode of game of thrones? I'd really wish to see something about those dragons and wights. I know its probably common stuff to do with motion capture and green screen but that's how basic my level is. If not,i agree with the guy that hope for a Dr. strange study. Finger crossed. thanx again!
Indra Komara
thx Allan...good job...
If you're going to do another vid like this, I would LOVE a breakdown of the VFX work done by MPC for Ghost in the Shell. Definitely next to Rogue One/Blade Runner as my favorite art/VFX-centric movie
Awesome breakdown, ever consider doing one of the Jurassic Park/World films?
talal abdullah
thank you very much Allan
Prince Symenouh
What about the VFX of Man of Steel next time ?
Michaela Maria Wartbichler
Thank you so much Allan - amazing as always (+ I love Star Wars so double amazing xD)!  VFX Breakdown suggestions:  Alice in Wonderland Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom Guardians of the Galaxy Greetings from Austria :-)
Prince Symenouh
What I like about Allan's methodology is that he finds one or two relevant shots in a movie and then goes with an INSIGHTFUL breakdown of them. This is great ! It changes from the commun 3 to 5 mn breakdowns we know see all over the place in the internet. Very good job ! and thank you for continuing to inspire us !