Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer (Visual Effects) 2019

Check out the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer VFX Breakdown.

This is from the perspective of a Visual Effects supervisor, discussing some of the process and insights on the trailer.

In this case I wanted to take a quick look at the visual effects of the trailer, which albeit is quite short. I still thought it would be fun to dig into and talk about. I’m really excited to see what comes next with this film — as bigger sequences are revealed I would love to get more technical about this — but for now I just wanted to touch base. I will also be releasing the Marvel Avengers: Infinity War VFX Breakdown later this week – stay tuned!

In the meantime – what visual effects from this film grabbed you the most? If you’re interested I’ll try to put together a tutorial specifically around recreating some of the visual effects in this trailer. Whether in 3ds Max, Houdini, Maya, whether Super Hero or sci fi — I plan to release more visual effects tutorials throughout early 2019.

If so, what shots do you want to see?

Thanks for watching!

Allan McKay


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Youtube comments:

Moiz Israr
Really valuable information. Thank you so much for these..Can't wait to get started on LAS after my exams in May and apply the same knowledge into my own short films! also btw that was molten-man at 4:00 🤓
Danny R
Great stuff here. Would be great to see a breakdown on some my favourite VFX work, namely 'Davy Jones' from POTC2 & 3, Hollow Man and de-aging work on the Marvel films, namely Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Downey, jr Captain America: Civil War
john johns
Cgi in any marvel film is trash
Marcin Kamiński
One thing that bothers me with the hydro man scene is with that amount of mist and water around in a sunny day like in the trailer there should be rainbows in multiple spots. I think anyone who played with a garden hose on a sunny day will notice that.
Please consider doing the Wachowski's 2008 visual feast, Speed Racer!Love the content!
I swear marvels has one of the worst animation in all of Hollywood. Industrial light& magic please take over for who ever is doing their CGI.
Victor Moregore
That's Tower Bridge, just FYI
Spec op studios
Could you do a break down of the Endgame teaser trailer and Big game spot? I plan on recreating those later this year so any tips and thoughts on that from a vfx point of view would be great.
Andrew Alexander
"I've been doing this for 25 years"... What the fuck? You've been doing this since you were 10? You barely look a day over 30, mate.
Shaahid ali
Just love the information you are giving us, love you, thank you so much and Soo much RESPECT FOR YOU ALLAN MCKAY ☺️☺️
Shaahid ali
Allan can you please tell us which software(Maya,Houdini,Nuke,cinema 4D??) is used in these CGI, VFX movies ????? Can you name the important Software please 😊😊
Sankhadip Sen
Thank you for such valuable breakdowns..... Enjoyed it......
David Conant
Any chance you would analyze the VFX for Vader: Shards of the Past (the Fan film by Star Wars Theory)?
Aniket Kesarkar
Thank you very much for this valuable information.
Rahul MKR
Tutorials pleaseeeee
the smoke and lightning storm look like 2d video with feathered masks to blend with the scene!
Thinking Penguin
Happy to found you.
Nai Plai
Good explication keep like this we need more
ralf amine
every shot its fantastic, but the amazing is cloud fx and Mr waterman ...thanks a lot :)
Ronnie Barnett
Hey Alan, I think it’s great that you do these types of videos. I basically assume that most of these shots are entirely digital, I read an article that claimed 60% of the budget for these films is dedicated to VFX. Will you be doing a further breakdown on this? Some of things I’d be interested in knowing is how the shot was created, like if the bridge and buildings (in the center punched shot) were full geo & textures rendering, or a 3D camera projection.