Realistic Clouds

Creating realistic clouds with FumeFX

Youtube comments:

sankalp sharma
Huge admirer of your work . Someday in future i want to be in a position where i would meet you and learn from you . Want to be a fx artist and you are my idol.
FionHen Elf
I am sure you are girlfriend will liked this clouds
itamar nunes
Muito bom. Obrigado
Евгений Литвяков
Always wondered how the clouds in the Pixar’s Good Dinosaur is done. Now I can get some hint. Thank you Allan!
Kat Liberty
Hey Allan, I don't want to cramp your style or steal your thunder, but for you TurbulenceFD users out there, here is my tutorial on how to do clouds working with TurbulenceFD in LightWave3D. After watching your video, and please don't take this as a "knock down" or anything, but to do this in LightWave or C4D with TurbulenceFD takes me less than 5 minutes to set up, generate and tweak for look. Of course, that comes from knowing how to do in the first place, but the amount of stuff you have to go through to do the same thing in FumeFX is actually a bit of a surprise to me honestly. So to find that out from your tutorial was helpful for me as I its proof the "grass isn't always greener" if you know what I mean.
Can we apply the same method in Maya's fumefx or not as I tried following this tutorial inside maya fumefx but its totally different and I dont know 3dsmax. I want just a cloud to be affected by an object like u showed here. Thank you in advance Allan Sir I am waiting for your reply. 😃
Thank you. I have bough some of your courses excellent! Can you tell me if this would work for a large scene? For example 1 mile wide? FumeFX seems to bog on large domain situations. Is there a way to re-scale fumeFx results?
Onyx Lee
Hi dear Allan, master of elements! Do you use PhoenixFD? Is it capable of achieving this result through similar technique? I spent quite sometime on it and haven't got any luck. Btw, is PhoenixFD in use in the industry? Thanks a lot!
Kostas Mitsis
Nice tutorial... Can you please explane me what im doing wrong and when im rendering with vray clouds are very gray and not white?Is it possible to render the clouds with vray?
for those wondering, in order to fix the opacity issues you need to turn the object source to volume instead of solid.
Oskar Wallin
you should've started with a Spherified Cube though. 
Mehedi Rahman
can you please share your project max file ?
Plamen Minkov
Hi, I have one question, do you now why when I write in editor "CloudGrp=$propGeo_CloudShape*as array" it give me this error: -- Error occurred in anonymous codeblock; filename: ; position: 37; line: 1 -- Type error: Call needs function or class, got: $$objects/.../propGeo_CloudShape*as
This tutorial would have been much better if you had uploaded a higher quality video.
Asa Pefferman
Dude, you are the man, such a big help for me!
Excellent tutorial ! Thank you so much !!
Glen Whelden
Allan, Can't you "Snapshot" your Fume sim to get a still mesh?
Left Handed Hero
Hey Allan, I do have a question about this:Basically I want to animate the geometry that the clouds are being emitted from, and have that carry over when I simulate so that I can have clouds that grow from thin air. Such as animating the Noise, XForm, or even just Sphere radius.The problem I'm running into is that the Mesher object only seems to generate geometry for the initial state of the clouds rather than every frame.Is there a better way to generate clouds from animated geometry?
Is it able to let the clouds roll?