Realism in Hollywood Visual Effects (3D VFX in 2019)

Do you think CGI looks fake? Let’s talk realism in Hollywood Visual Effects!

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This is a topic that gets brought up a lot “that shot looks fake” when a lot of the time we don’t realize that of course it looks fake! Reality — is boring!

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When we go see a “popcorn film” (Think: Fast & The Furious franchise or any VFX Summer blockbuster), we’re not looking for a a reenactment of reality, we’re looking for hyper-reality. And that’s what Hollywood provides.

I want to talk about this subject, as well as how you can use it to your advantage when working in production – to get the director or client on board with making something exciting. And tactics and case studies in Hollywood visual effects production.

Whether you’re using 3DS Max, Houdini, Maya, After Effects, Nuke or anything else. We talk more about the philosophies of how you can apply this to your productions in feature film and visual effects and understand how and why Hollywood focuses on exciting rather than realistic.

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Youtube comments:

Sandra S
I always wondered why visual effects sometimes were not entirely realistic and if it was done on purpose and for what reasons. This video explains quite a lot. And YES we DO want more videos! Keep them coming!
Unreal Spaces
there are 2 types of clients : those who will freak out when they see a low quality sketch or render or preview that you are using to gauge the requirements of the project, and those who will freak out when they see a high end rendeirng and blame you for setting the design in stone even though you spent all that time willing to throw it away so that case number 1 doesn't happen. First time this happened to me I was told by an employee at a firm I freelanced for 15 years ago that his manager almost fainted when he saw the low res model on my laptop that I only made to help him help me choose a camera. I later got the habit of warning clients that the first preview is always very rough and ugly. Still a lady I was doing interiors for even though I told her the same and she was very receptive and understood me she cancelled the project after the first preview. Now I hide from clients for a few days and leave them to worry until I have something decent rather than go through this drama and I get better reception from more advanced previews. moral is people don't know what they want! Which is what the start of this video was about I guess.
Gordon Rudman
Hi Allan.. Thanks for the Awesome Works you are putting together... Just wondering if the City Destruction Course is still around and available to go through, as the VFXcourse website is now dedicated to the Decimation course.. (Thanks for all your assistance in advance.;-)
Michael Cooney
I always thought reasonable suspension of disbelief was more important than reality. It has to have a naturalness to it in terms of color light and movement. If something just pops out of the pseudo reality of the film it will break from the smooth narrative of the movie and appear as fake no matter how detailed or cool it is.
Chandan Mandal
Sir how to make Iron Man Siut up Like Infinity War Sir please Guide me
Rajdarshan R
CG added before color correction or after the color correction?
Juan - Antonio Castaño Lopez
I've just signed for the City Destruction VFX Class and watched the amazing first video. Looking forward for the second lesson!!!
Jayden Films
Allan, how can I download the City Destruction class? I enrolled but I can't find the download option
Can you analyse vfx in films and do a break down of them and explain it and also show an example of how to do it?
What If
After city destruction,what is the next course (name or subject of it)
Monhoo Batraa
I think there are lots of realistic in Hollywood even don't have realism not some much but it looks very real to me. Especially in graphics, that's the most important thing in the film
Kristoffer Tait
45min of talking head. ouch.
eddie mzale
awesome vid. I always had an issue with iron man helmet folding animation . iron man 1 and 2 helmet animation was very realistic. the latest one is just too cartoonish or more like a video game . and how does he even activate flight mode?ya realistic is an issue.
Dustin Moore
I thought I was going to see actual images or video of realism in VFX. Id rather not watch you talk about what you've done for 45 minutes.
Flavio Presutti
It's great how you share your experiencies! Just I hope you change the lighting and the quality video!
hey Allan, for me, realistic renderings makes the scene more impressive and gives more credit, I work 3D photorealistic objects and I see a lot of interest for consumers. Thank you for your vidéo Newlc 3D works on instagram :https://www.instagram.com/3dnewlc/?hl=fr
Niklas Werthner
love it!
Hiren J
Sir I love your video.. but one thing that i don't like is your videos are way to long.. plz keep them maximum 20 mins... thankyou..
Omar Hashem
allan, your channel should have a million subscribers.
Thank you for the tips :) will definitely work on that!