My Demo Reel (From 17 Years Ago!)

I had a lot of direct messages from people asking about this so I just thought I’d take a second to mention it again.
You can get the class at VFXCOURSE.com

It’s a new VFX class I put together
It’s 9 videos – and takes a live action visual effects shot through from start to finish.

I don’t know how long it will be available, but just dig into it now and enjoy.

I also included all of the assets, footage, 3d tracked cameras, and everything else. Plus a few bonus videos.

No catch, but if you can share the link with others (of course only if you find it valuable) then that would be payment enough. I just want to give back where I can.

But if you want to know more go to vfxcourse.com

I’ll try to post more videos in the future.

Quick question – what topics would you like to see covered in future tutorials?

Let me know?

Youtube comments:

Jonathan Reichel
God bless you for everything that you're putting out on this channel!
Amran Sidek
at 17 you did all those stuff?? You are born ..not made :)...
Mircea Goia
Love seeing these old stuff...showing how much you evolved. I keep old stuff too just for that purpose.
Agha Aghatamanda
God bless you allan doesnt really looks that bad considering it was 14years ago i dont think you could have done any better
hacked technothief
Allan this stuff is amazing man, I can't even make a cube in maya :D, all jk aside, this is very entertaining to watch and motivates me to try new things no matter how cringyey they look it's a learning experience, thank you
Saint Of Awesomeness
When you realize that he did all this during a time when Maya didn't even have fluids at all. No wonder you the man Allan Mckay! Hats off!
Mahir Celik
l remember the lost in space movie and some screen shots from that movie in max 2.0 viewport that was your work l belive and at that time space explosion scenes were imazing man
GODS Visuals
its great watching your videos bro, i note these down in books, so i could follow em up later, cause my laptop just limits me, i cant afford a high end PC for making visual effects and I am quite limited to what my laptop could do, so i just make 2D artworks and little motion graphics (in my channel) for now, but once i get a new PC with the earnings i hope i can make cool stuff like you <3
Sarthak Pandey FX
That flying text though
rishi gajbhiye
I love your work it's really awesome...
Mark Palcko
I had just graduated High School 17 years ago, I'm amazed you caught on so quick and new all this. I still didn't know what Maya was but was eager to eventually go back to trying to figure out how VFX and Character Artists did their work. I started learning in 2011 and been amazed with VFX and 3D character modeling ever since. Thanks for sharing this Allan, I think it's still really impressive even for today.
Bright Garinson
You're embarrassed and I still haven't composited a simple explosion in my shot.
Diogo Carrijo
That's great! Looks amazing for the time!
Ankit kumar maurya
this was good btw
hardeep kumar
lots of love from India .
Super Ideas
waiting for your course , please make it free ( advertisments tutorials plz , like oreo ,coca cola ...etc)
L Craft
I can't think about the same even now. Want to learn from you..
Keep Maxing
thank you very much because this will courage us to learn
Edwin Tobias
Vfx is expensive
Hey Allan. Thank so much for sharing all these video with us. I been looking to get into VFX this year as i been working with 3D rendering, mostly just architecture stuff and average quality at best with a few high point was in a while. I been considering VFX because i feel like it something i have a lot of passion and just not ever have the commitment to stick to it. So you showing all these really motivated me. Although i never done anything like what you show here at all, i dont even know if i can achieve anything like your reel here in 5 years!