A Call to Level Up (in Our Creative Career)

This is a difficult one to put out, as I’ll be honest I’ve been putting off posting this for some time.

However, I was just in Paris the past week at the IAMAG Masterclass event talking with some of my students and friends about the pain points they’ve had in their career. And it’s something that’s made me think, after every struggle, every pain point I would hear. Whether it’s from artists struggling to “make it” or others who did, and in the recent year had major derail in their career and they’re trying to get back on top. And others who are rockstar artists and speakers, who shared some of the real obstacles they face, that they struggle with. It made me think that all of us need to hear this from time to time, no matter where in our life or our career we are.

Whether we’re hitting success — but secretly doubting ourselves — or whether we are ready to give up in our career because we’re not quite sure there’s actually a light at the end of the tunnel.

Idon’t think this video is for everybody, and I’ll be honest, I’m scared shitless putting out anything like this. Because it does come from the heart, but it’s also something I believe with every ounce in me, that the only person holding us back is us. That there is a lot of BS we feed ourselves to make it OK not to try. How important it is for us to have a roadmap, and to set goals and crush goals, and never be on autopilot!

If it resonates, GOOD, if it doesn’t — maybe it’s just not the right time. But the few I had the guts to share this video with, all made me promise that it would see the light of day — because it all spoke to them, and I hope it speaks to you.


Youtube comments:

Wesley Adams
I just keep replaying this video over and over again while I'm working. It's so motivational and informative. Been working to move into the game industry for several years after college and have a good root where I live. I've been inspired by games since growing up because I feel they can change how people see the world for the better. However, I distract myself with so many other things that my career isn't focused on my own game career. I have myself to blame. I still haven't gotten there and the work I do today is nice but I want to do so much more. Most of all, I'm inspired by you because I love the idea of helping others in a multitude of industries. I'm inspired to make myself better so I can drive others to do more like you have. Thank you!
Coffee Republic
Just dropping a thank you.
noel chern
This video explains why ur so passionate about helping out people like us, even for free. Youre giving things that make our life easier, things that save people years of trial and error of frustration and heartbreak. Imagine if we had channels like this 20 years ago lol it would help alot of ppl
Reel House
Thanks for being so honest and candid. I really appreciate your passion and have looked up to you for years. Thanks for being such an inspiration.
Allan teaches for 20 years afaik. it was 2001 , i was reading his particle tutorial for 3ds max . it was about 5/6 pages . back then it was a thing to prepare with this much of attention. (no videos , just screenshots and typing ) such a nice guy.
Alex K
good stuff mate
Mikhail Abushinov
Very inspiring, learned a lot usefull things, opened my eyes some of my sins. Thank you, Allan.
Nebula Media
Thank you !
Marijn Karsten
Super nice video Allan! I have difficulties with choosing a specific direction in learning new stuff and stick with it. I'am stuck in ArchViz and I am trying to get out by self education in Zbrush,Substance painter, maya , blender, cinema4d and now ty flow. But I am constantly switching between wanting to be a sculptor,motion graphics artist,animator, game artist etc. Being ambiguous is probably my biggest talent. As for everybody I can invest my time only once and there is so much to learn. Maybe sticking with something until you really master it is one solution? Thanks!
Drunken Pirate
thats the mentor i needed in my life :O.
Francisco Marcén Naval
SuperValuable Advice
Great words.
Stinky Sphincter
Hi Allan. This youtube has made me tear up. I have had a tremendously tough past and I am struggling with mental illness,while pushing myself over and beyond what I can do to become successful. It is very tough.This video is like the best medication I can take. I can relate to everything you say. I will be finishing the vehicle I talked to you about and post it on the TYFlow facebook page when it's textured and ready,so you can use it in your tutorials if you want and be able to share it with the tutorial in order to allow other people to follow you step by step. You have no idea how much this video helps me every single day. Thank you so much.
That was inspiring, as someone who one day wants to be a show-runner and make my own creations and more, make a living in this industry, hearing of your struggles and perseverance is well, inspiring!
keep motivating people and share u experience
DJ Nicke
Truly inspirational video! Life is what we make it. I've had the pleasure to know you in real life, and I've always admired your succinct self-discipline in only the necessary areas. You truly strike the work/life balance well my friend, and you continue to be an inspiration to me and many others!
DJ Nicke
Do you have a book about Poop on your desk? Great video man! Thank you for sharing it!
Fabian Dietz
Wow! Thank you Allan! Awesome video and very inspiring :)
Paul Folger
Silent movie super star Mary Pickford, who at the peak of her career was the most famous person in the world, and who would later be a founding member of both the United Artists movie studio, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, said... "You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down." Good job Allen, thanks for inspiring a guy in his 50's to get back in the saddle... Me.
Is that the same content as the podcast episode ?