Instagram For Artists (Personal Branding Tips in 2019)

This video is focused on Instagram for Artists, and how to build your personal brand, and understanding the Instagram algorithm.

We all know we need to build our personal brand.

And we all know we should focus on getting our name out there, spending time on social media, and making sure our portfolio gets the most visibility possible.

The thing is, most of us are still stuck at the starting line. Not knowing what to post, or where, or even how.

It’s intimidating to see others getting thousands of followers, and effortlessly posting new content daily. While we’re still stuck thinking we don’t have anything to post, and the content that we do have, probably isn’t interesting to anybody else.

This video is focused around breaking down many of the barriers, and giving you ideas to get started on Instagram, as an artist.

You need to realize Instagram is THE PLATFORM to post your art work. Whether you’re in 3D, design, motion graphics or many other areas — there is no better platform, with such a wide audience, optimized for seeing and consuming your content. As well as a strong community of other creatives who are all eager to get behind you and push your name out there as well.

This is the first of a series of videos I will be releasing on how to build your brand, as well as Instagram specifically and how to go from 0 to 50k followers.

I would love to see what questions you have around this topic so feel free to leave comments along the way and share insights you gained from these videos — as well as what you would like to see covered next!

Finally if personal branding tips and building an Instagram strategy is something that interests you — let me know and I will make sure to put out more content around this!

Thank you!

Allan McKay


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Youtube comments:

Paul Harrison
Thanks Allan! I'd like to see more talks about curating focused IG content, I'm sure many of us will benefit from that. This was great, a lot of good takeaways and things I'll need to start putting into practice. Cheers!
Freddie Jackson
This was great! You have such insight! What truly resonated with me was your clear delivery! This is powerful stuff if used correctly! Thank you!!
Siddheshwar Kumbhar
Anup Akole
Yes, I would love more on using Social Media for Personal Branding. Thanks a lot Allan.
sanket borde
Mikkel Melby
discovery!! Yesss, time to bench ur channel!
Fernando Pires
Congratulations, you are sure helping a lot of people. Keep up! Hug.
Gaia Barone
I've noticed massive changes on Instagram the past few years. TBH it seems very hard to get noticed these days with general oversaturation, the overposting of works by amateur artists, and the platform itself directing users towards clickbait videos, celebrity content and advertisements. My art page actually shows a lot of paid advertisements BY artists, which makes me question why one would even pay for these ads as a fellow artist is likely not going to be a collector. One of the ads I did click on was an abstract artist had her work intermittently posted with pictures of her bum in a thong. Cringey.
Wirginia Romanowska
haha, funny I'm watching this just now! Thanks for the mention!
Yannick Thomas
Unexpected topic from you but I like ! I was recently questioning myself about that.
Mugalasi Rogers
thank very much you were talking to me ,you have done me Good nice time
Many thanks, Allan. I've learnt a lots from your emails and podcasts. I'm trying to take the advices into real-life practice, I try to focus and give all of my effort into each and every personal project, so I have my best to offer when I bring them to the public.
Harris Ejaz
Hey! I'd love links to your friends' accounts, the math irl and sudden growth guy etc!
Theodore Daley
Keep it coming brother! Really insightful and definitely something I need to take note of!
Thank you Allan ! *takes notes*
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Ben Weaver
Awesome! Thanks Allan! I would love to see more talks on this
This came perfectly timed for me! Thanks for sharing for insight!
Juri Friedlein
good video
Daniel Miller
Thanks for the video. A practical question - are you posting from Desktop and if so how are you doing this? I can see that you can that it's possible to use developer mode but it seems a bit clunky. Mobile is great for street photography but if you're uploading VFX work it'd be handy to have a reliable way from desktop - I see there are some solutions but wondering which you'd recommend.