How Would I Start My Creative Career Today (2019)?

I’ve been in the VFX and Games industry for almost 25 years, but the landscape has changed. What would it look like TODAY if I were to start over?

What would I do if I were to want to get a job as fast as possible, and land a career in visual effects or game development, or design. What tools would I focus on? Would I go to VFX school, Gnomon, Creative Live , Marie Forleo or classes at the Futur – study business of design, classes from Jonathan Stark, Roberto Blake or others? Would I study online, or what tactics, what levers would I pull? A lot of us hear buzz words like entreprenuer / artreprenuer or flashy visual effects terms which aren’t relevant early in our career. Or worried about pricing just yet.

I dig deep into this subject, focused entirely on doing less, rather than more. Focusing in on what matters, what is going to give me the momentum to get my first creative career breakthrough.

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If you want more of these videos, please leave a comment and let me know. Even simply typing ‘YES’ to let me know to focus more specifically on art career, or what subjects/software you would like to see covered.

Thanks so much and enjoy the tutorial! I hope to build a much more in-depth lesson on this subject soon

Thanks guys!


Finally, I have some new VFX training out right now (it’s free). It’s over 18 hours of tutorials focused entirely around Live Action Visual Effects (City Destruction Class).

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Youtube comments:

Johnny Fan
Thank you always for sharing us your advice and experiences in order for us to break into the industry. I am from Vancouver, I majored in compositing and graduated in 2017 and I've been trying to get in for two years. I've haven't lost any hopes because of you and I am devoting all my time in getting in! This has always been inspiring and motivating and I appreciate you very much for this day and age to allow us to access this kind of information!
super helpful and underrated thank you man
Beste Leben
Really discouraging stuff. One of the things I liked about 3D is, that I thought your work speaks for itself and you dont need so much of networking, But I guess I was totally wrong.
Drunken Pirate
is blender still no go for jobs? D: i wanna learn it but im afraid no one would hire.
Muhammad Hussein
these videos are like treasures, Thanks again Allan , All the Love <3
Joseph Santos
I am graduating in 3 weeks for my MA in Animation and VFX. My undergrad is in Graphic Design. I feel like I still don't have what it takes to get in the VFX industry. But I will dive in to all of these tutorials and will make some personal projects and I really hope will get a VFX job someday....
Oli Roesener
Hello, Allen awesome insight into the industry it's really helping me to plan my career. I landed my first job in ArchVIS so now i am working to get into different positons
This is applicable, i just tailor to motion design, in terms of shots
Ronit Sadhukhan
You are an inspiration Allan, keep doing these videos whenever you can (i know you are very busy but don't stop). For students like me, these videos are treasures.
E. Z
This is actually inspirational i mean i just watch half of it and i get motivated every one who wants to get in vfx industry can actually do that just by putting effort it is tough but possible at the same time.Thanks Allan for this video. You are awesome.
Rob Fiduccia
Thank you Allan. I really appreciate you sharing your wisdom and story! http://www.vfxcourse.com/
Pratap Mistry
i get lost inside the nodes while learning nuke..can you please put some lectures on nuke.
Nikolai August
Really nice!
Hemanth Kumar
I love the way you always share knowledge from both a director's and a student's perspective. Worth taking notes and applying these fundamentals. Your student's demo reels that you post on LinkedIn and Instagram sets me a primary goal and idea of demo reel I have to make for my first door/first wind.
Ashish Tanwar
alan love you soo much and following these talks for a very long time but I notice ur repeating thing try to talk straight to the point, it just a very small thing like u said nobody like fillers lol, peace
I just completed my course last month and this is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for all these videos and information that you share
Thank you Allan, I wish you could see how my mind is changing, this is been very helpful to my thinking more than to my technical staff...thank you sooooo much....www.vfxcourse.com
Davit. H
Thank you so much, for details about vfx studios, path, and how to get in. Useful info.
Here's what i think from my VFX newbie perspective/experience ( take it with grain of salt also writing before watching video ): First of all it's very hard to find clients who needs VFX ( as freelancer ) especially in destruction/fire/smoke stuff, even on sites like Upwork / freelancer there's not much VFX jobs in comparison to rendering/archviz. However, you could use your VFX skills for making some more abstract Logo intros / commercials for various products ( aka 3D Motion Graphics, example: ManVsMachine / Simon Holmedal works ). And to get into a Studio as VFX artist you probably MUST know programming/scripting which is pretty tough to learn, since if you don't prac constantly u forget the codes/lines easily, and to know how to program you also must 100% understand how everything works right from the whole core of 3D graphics ( especially in Houdini otherwise u won't know to to achieve that or that ) which can get bit scientific/mathematical ( ofc u don't have to go that deep ). *In short:* You have to be so good that if someone asks to to make specific random FX you already see how to setup the nodes in ur mind or how to write the code, then u go into software drop the same nodes and it's done, just needs tweaking etc. Probably it sounds really hard but once u start to understand the core functionality it should start to make sense more and more just like pretty much everywhere else. And that's just the first main step.. P.S. You also need to have super good CPU such as Threadripper or super good patience ( i personally can't learn fluid VFX just because of long Sim Times + lack of patience combination )
Sankhadeep sen
http://www.vfxcourse.com/vfx-class this is awesommeee