How to Learn CG and VFX

The most frequent question I get asked from VFX artists starting out is: “How to learn VFX?”


“How to learn CG & VFX”

Where to start learning VFX? In this video I share some tips about 3D and Animation software such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and zBrush. I also talk about how to start learning and retain information.

If you take a moment to subscribe I will be sharing lots of advice on how to level up your career, and how to get out of it what you put in. I will also be sharing plenty of tutorials and training on animation, rigging, modeling, texturing, render engines, compositing, keying, tracking, roto scoping, production hardware, behind the scenes as well as visual effects tutorials, particles, fluids, and more.

Also, I have a new FREE DEMO REEL GUIDE. If you want to download the Guide I wrote on How to Make a Demo Reel (from an employer’s perspective) go to

I also have a new 18 hour FREE Live Action Visual Effects City Destruction Class – check out which I just posted this week.

I hope either of these help you. Thanks, guys!


Youtube comments:

E. Liang
I swear to God you're one of the best, if not THE BEST vfx teacher/guide/mentor there is on youtube! Thanks for everything!! <3
Augustino Nedo
Much thanks for the insight. I'm happy i already do some of the things you talked about which means i am on the right path. The biggest pick for me is setting deadlines for knowing, practicing and attaining goals on a particular topic. Thanks for Sharing
Legendary Fire
Incredibly helpful once again! One of my goals within the next year or two is to reach out to you with my reel. I like your process of kicking ass in the lessons until people get a clear understanding and the valuable content about the industry with helping us not fall into pitfalls and to streamline the learning process.
You spoke volumes man , cheers mate .
DeusEx Greed
Man this is GOLD. Thank you so, so much for this.
FX mania
If you want to learn to do FX cool visual quick :
naveen kumar
sir i love to work at movies, shld i go to any classes to learn vfx , cg & animation.... i want to learn the things so kindly can u say me ....
Solomon Ali
Thank you sir for what you said I really learned something important today , you are the best for me from long time ago keep it up bro.
wahaj A
I don’t know how to draw digitally I personally prefer traditional art but i was always interested in the “godly” 3d shit , u deserve a more views and likes although I’m not going to do cg stuff but u earned a subscriber
It's a pity you missed the Blender. I know it's not industry standard but still ;)
Thanks a lot for the insights man you are a really amazing speaker too
Jafar Mohammad
Do you think video editors have a chance of breaking into this industry?
Nabeel Altamash
Do you have a discord group because if we want to ask questions then how will we contact you?
Adilson A.P.E
Even before seeing this video, I did not know what I was going to do in the 3d world, I was confused and wanted to learn everything, but now I know I have and should focus on a specific subject, which will be 3D max modeling, thank you very much for share your knowledge, i hope english is good, i translated the text in google translator, because i speak portuguese.
Roshan Mahawar
Supar sir..
navdeep singh
At 35, I am just starting this career and I am ready to give whatever it takes. Thanks so much 🙏 for your amazing approach. Wish me luck 🤞
jas karan
Hey sir can I learn vfx in 1 year sir can I chance in Hollywood sir what your movie work in Hollywood can u tell me please reply
Pramod Kumar
If I am a beginner in fx then what kind of task should I have taken?
Thanks a lot Allan!!!
Really loved the video! I really enjoyed how you summarized everything at the end of the video. It was a nice way to bring everything in and put a nice bow on it. It would be cool to see some more info graphics in the future in your videos. Keep up with the great videos!