How to Learn CG and VFX

The most frequent question I get asked from VFX artists starting out is: “How to learn VFX?”


“How to learn CG & VFX”

Where to start learning VFX? In this video I share some tips about 3D and Animation software such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and zBrush. I also talk about how to start learning and retain information.

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Youtube comments:

Eric Liang
I swear to God you're one of the best, if not THE BEST vfx teacher/guide/mentor there is on youtube! Thanks for everything!! <3
L Deen
Thanks dude, you've really inspired me to take a more agressive learning approach for future learning. Been doing casually for about 4 years now (I'm in highschool) but still trying to keep improving my skills. Thanks for this, you've really helped me develop a plan for the future. Appreciate 'ya!!
Yuvraj Wedding Filmmakers
This video is so helpful!! Thank you so much!
Great stuff as always, as to my methods of learning, I am very much a "Do it by trying" type, so I usually follow video examples along, then start, then restart until I get it wright, then try other project, then come back later and try to do the same thing without needing to follow the initial video/guideline specifically.
Robert Kelly
Very good. One thing I've learned recently is once I've read something I take a time out to ask what did I learn and what do I remember and go back over to remind myself. Also Derren Brown once wrote that in order to remember things you must keep them in your long term memory and the best way to do that is by creating images (more exaggerated the better) for one and linking them if its, say, a list of things. Currently doing this in Rich Voss book where, funny enough, I eventually came across you. Cheers
You and andrew is the best teacher on YouTube!! Thks you so much
Allen Cuntapay
i know it is hard to learn these kind of stuffs because of lack of equipment | software, lack of money to buy those equipment and software, example of these lack are in need of better RAM, Graphic Cards must be better. What should we do?
Thank you sir.... Keep posting videos related to vfx and cgi.... We learn a lot from you.... A big fan of you from India🇮🇳
Adrian Ramirez
This is ridiculously helpful. Some of this I learned the hard way but you opened my eyes to the things that have caused me to go in circles. You're great, keep doing what you're doing
Victor Kironde
Thank you for this. I kept nodding in agreement throughout the video!
Diogo Carrijo
Great insights Allan! Always appreciate your videos!
Nabin sharma
I Love You Sir , You Are My VFX Ideal ( Guru) . Thank You Sir
Iegor Gorodok
Very interesting evolution fo content) I like it!
Rashed Sarwari
this is my procedure for learning 3D for environment and cinamatic look, i set goals, mostly i pick my references from and i try to make the same with some aesthetic look to it by the help of my art director which he lives in japan. your speeches inspire us and helps to rich goals easily i hope someday i work in big companies
eduardo cardona
Cg masters academy and cg spectrum offers vfx houdini and nuke courses but are expensive. . Gnomon looks like a amazing education but it costs 102,000 plus dollars for a bfa degree.
Todd Johnson
Allan, this was perfect timing! I was feeling bummed and demotivated, but to hear your story, my first thoughts is, "well, I certainly have no excuse, I'm on this!!" Thank you!
Aquib Hussain
Hi allen i'm facing problem with shading in thinking particles. The Shapematerial node is'nt working properly. Can anyone help?
Hi Allan, Thanks for the great video once again. I have a question related to choosing the right software and tools. I am Technical Artist/ Generalist working in the automotive industry and in my day to day work I need to solve different problems and use different tools. What is your mindset from Technical Director's point of view, how do you organize your time, how do you know what to learn in your free time, since there are a lot of tools used in this specific role (2D, 3D tool, GLSL shader/Python scripts?
Paul Harrison
This was awsome, thanks for sharing with us Allan! Going to be more mindful of the approach now. The obstacle is the path.
Vivek Ranga
Great Job Allan.. thanks a lot.Watching this video while doing my CameraTrack Production Shot. ✌🏼✌🏼And situations you mentioned in this video somehow relates to me. I’ll try my best to make my fx demo reel. ASAP ✌🏼