How To Get Started in Visual Effects (in 2019)

The question I get asked the most is: “How to get started in Visual Effects?”

In 2019, we’re in the information age — with so many resources, so much information that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed that we stop, before we even begin.

There IS information out there on this topic, but most of it is quite literal “go to Gnomon, or some VFX school” “DONE”. Most of us don’t have the luxury to spend $80,000+ (USD) to attend Gnomon or similar schools. And, who’s to say that is actually the answer?

In the beginning, we just want to hit the ground running. I wanted to focus on this topic from the point of minimizing the time, minimizing the noise, and how to get clarity in your goals and what you truly should be focusing on.

What software is best, Houdini, Cinema 4d, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender or After Effects, Photoshop or any others. Who you should listen to or what resources to study, or what specifically you want to do, whether it’s visual effects in terms of compositor, technical director, creature animator or many other disciplines — let’s get clarity on what this means TO YOU.

It’s so simple to know where your attention should go — once you really hone in on what your goals are. And in this video I want to break through the noise and really get to the essence of what you want to do, and simply answer the question “How to get started in Visual Effects”.

QUICK QUESTION – Please leave a comment: What websites or resources do you find valuable for learning or keeping up to date with the latest design and VFX news? Or other goldmines on the web that others might not know about

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Youtube comments:

Jonathan Sanchez
sub spanish! please haha
I'm fist step in 3ds max Allan! Inspire and aspire to level up with profound knowledge Your words really provoking the best ways to choose! Thank you so much Allan phinominal impact!
Prashant Jain
Hey Allan, if I want to learn animation, do I need to learn advanced modeling too?
Terry Roussel
Hi Allan. I'm a new, low budget screenwriter. Seeking to find an experienced VFX guy to consult with me on the possibilities for crafting scenes as I write the screenplay. Any referrals would be great. Thank you.
Arts Supremo
In my country if u focus on one field u gonna die as a 3dartist .
Rashed Syed
Two questions. 1. Is it okay to learn one type specialization to get a job or does one need to know the basics of everything and kind of master one thing. 2. What material do you suggest i study / learn if I want to learn VFX for fantasy landscapes / nature etc. Is this area called something special? Is it recommended to delve into this as a beginner. Thanks
FX mania
If you want to learn to do FX cool visual quick : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ4_8eG2gc-xDdw2TpDDjEQ
Taser Cinematic Productions
Thank you Allan McKay, you are my VFX gangsta.....
Thanks a lot... I feel motivated more than ever now!!❤️🙏🏽 Hope I'd get to meet you someday!✨
hatake kakashi
Thanks bruh I was almost about to give up
R. Antenor
Great Talk and advice - Applies to learning and growing in just about Every field- in existence Programming, Web applications dev or VFX learning -- Watch this to the end! -- Thank you sir!
Priya Rawat
Thanks for your efforts
Noah Vasatko
so for me i downloaded AfterEffects and blender a week ago and since then i'm setting things on fire and/or blowing my freinds up. So i think I'm an explosion klinda guy maybe? xD I chose those two programms mainly because after effects is basically free and blender is actually free.. and also because i didn't want to spend idk how many 1000€ on software I'm not sure yet how long or intenive i'm gonna use it.. feel free to answer this comment if y'all have anything interesting to say to that
A nice video but sir i really have interest in visual effects and i want to go in environment and level designing but i freaked out whenever i open an software like after effects or Auto desk maya. I still want to learn. how ma i supposed to get past it?
Laylow Flowz
So no ones gonna pint out the poop gold book????
Can you recommend any online courses? Im prepared to pay
Thanks for showing great videos! I am a student who studies VFX compositing. I have one question, basically, I'm dealing with the only Nuke, Should I study Maya too..? I'm just wondering that Maya is a helpful program for learning VFX compositing.
Sanket Das
Do I need to learn programming if I want to become a 3d asset designer in game industry because So many companies need a designer who possess the knowledge of programming ?
You came like a glove Allan really, today was thinking on how i could possibly start studying VFX and i just couldn`t find the best path. You just show me the best way to begin, thank you so much!
Hey Allen, this is the third time I am watching this video. Very inspirational, thank you for sharing. I am a Technical Artist with a few years of experience in Automotive UI/UX, Real time graphics. However I often feels stuck due to the fact that TA and TD jobs involve quite a few tools and skills needed and its very easy to get lost in all that information. Your advice in this video definitely helps clear my mind. Thanks again and keep up the good work!