How to Get a Job as a 3D Artist (Without Any Experience)

How do you get a job as a 3D artist without any experience?

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We see this so often “5 years minimum feature film experience required”.

That’s great, but if every job requires experience, how exactly do I get it in the first place?!

It’s catch 22 in a lot of cases and it leaves us frustrated and not sure what to do.

In this video I want to cover a common mistake, and one that came up recently. And why you need to focus on more than just your reel when starting out.

Whether in the design industry, visual effects or games, or any other creative industry. These are the key things we need to do to get our foot in the door in the beginning, where we can then have a successful career.

More than whether to focus on a vfx demoreel or using 3ds max or maya houdini cinema 4d or blender 3d or any other package. Get a job in VFX requires building a strong connection with every vfx studio whether ILM Pixar Weta or framestore or many smaller studios where we first start out in tv commercials feature film or game development.

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Eric Liang
The timing of your upload couldn't be any better. I'm about to graduate school and was talking to one of my friend about the exact same thing- if all the jobs require experience, how in the world would grads like us with no experience get in the industry?Then you go ahead and drop a crazy informative video discussing the same thing! I'm starting to think you can read our minds haha! Thanks a lot Allan!! :)
Bria McCoy
Hi Allan, I'm currently in grad school for animation & vfx and I recently started applying for jobs. I get call backs and even interviews but when it comes down to the final decision I'm never good enough to get the offer. This video was very informative but I still run into this issue, and I just don't know how to fix it. Does this sound like a normal issue to have, or am I doing something wrong?
Mduduzi Dube
How do you even get in contact with them though?
Gonzalo Palma
Thanks a lot for your videos!!! They help me a lot!!!
Ganesh Waghmare
Got the perfect video lets see
Arseny Kolesnikov
Hi Allan. Really good content, thank's for this. I would like to start smth new, now I'm working in archviz, but my dream is working like VFX Cinematic artist. I can't find information about pc configuration. Now i using cpu e5 2680v3, 64g RAM and Amd firepro s9050 gpu, as i know there are not so many renders that can works with amd because nvidia had CUDA technology. So can i start learning vfx with amd gpu or i need to by smth like Quadro or 2080ti for rendering? It will be really cool if also can say smth about render system, i mean what i need to learning, may be it's VRay or ReadShift. Maybe there is some video about vfx pipeline on your channel. Thanks)
Alaa Al Shahed
for me its completely different as a 3D designer when I apply to work in USA or Canada or UK or Australia all what they ask for is my certificate and ignore my 14 years experience :(
Daniel Rivas
Does anyone realises that Allan is an awesome teacher ? There’s a lot of vfx tutorials out there but let me tell you ,what allan shares ,I said it once and I say it again I cannot believe that this information is free allan you should start some big school for vfx whit some Skype sessions as well you are a game changer .sometimes I hate you 😂 because your lessons are super long 8 videos 3 hours each but when I finish some of your courses the results are mind blowing there’s no point of comparison with other courses out there
Jennifer F
Your comment about trying to contact decision-makers directly sticks out a lot to me. I figured a long time ago that it'd be a good idea to try and learn more about what other people are doing in the industry, as well as any amount of extra research I can do on studios that I feel I would be a good fit for. I'm not sure if this might be just a trend in my area, but it seems like most studios are quite closed off about that information. Usually their websites have minimal info on the team, and checking company Twitter/Linkedin doesn't seem to have much either. Kind of odd! Either way, thank you very much for the informative video! Will definitely keep these in mind.
Vidhata singh jaura
Sir i am your biggest fan ... Will you please make a tutorial on iron-man suit-up .. really want to learn that .. please sir .. really i want to learn that like soo hard .. ! Plz help here
Rúben Rhodo
Thank you much for you amazing advice, once again! 😃 (Furthermore, you have a dead pixel in your camera. 😲 Or it's a tinny grain of dust. Heheheh... Eagle eyes!😏) ✌️
Third Wave
Great video as always but I must say being abusive is never the answer if the other person is being a dick.
Simon Rose
I don't think we should be humouring "entitlement" just because you have graduated and have a reel, does not entitle you to a job, any sorry but if you have no experience professionally, getting some is not easy it took me years, and its not the responsibility of the industry to pander to students. you know over the last 10 years I have had ZERO trainee interest, I can't get them, there are not any, everyone wants a pro job strait away. that's unreasonable. Shouting and abusing a recruiter is an instant black list, and the industry is so small, that persons reputation will circulate around the network like wildfire. there are always low end jobs, yeah you did 3 years at college, so what, be friendly initiate relationships, make contacts and you will find something. entitlement will get you no where.
Bharath ramun
but what if the head person just replies ...send your info to the recruiter or something like that??? because most people say follow the procedure. just wanted to ask
Hello Allan ! I have a question. What about people who come from a vfx school ? I currently am in ESMA (a french school) and I don’t know if I would focus on small studios before big ones like ILM instead of starting in top vfx studios when I’ll finish my studies. What do you think about that?
Crazy Productions 321
hello Allan, I'm 17 and want to start my career in the film industry specifically VFX when I leave school. I have had work experience at Axis Animation Studios and stared a small Fiver Business to get experience working with client (and there revisions). For VFX I have been studying Houdini, Nuke, Blender and After Effects. Is there any tips you can suggest that would help me when I leave school for getting in the film industry at a young age? (I leave when i'm 18) Thanks, J
pratik shastrakar
in india 2013 i went to Prime Focus for roto artist job as fresher they offered me 8000 per month which is 110-120 $ :( the end
yc Den
yes that is True, me too, thats a big problem for every new artist here in the Philippines. 90% of the Studio here are Outsourcing.. clients are from anywhere in the world.. they often reject aspiring artist without experience.
Jonathan R. Holeton
perfect advice Allan! we gotta build relationships to stand out. =)
Chris Huf
lol.....and the circus continues...