Harmon Brothers – From Poop To Gold (Viral Filmmaking)

This is a recent interview I did with the Harmon Brothers, who are the leaders in directing intentional viral commercials.

I have been following these guys for some time, also recently attended multiple talks of theirs. It’s been really fascinating to see their creative process. As not only have they nailed what works, they approach it the right way (be creative, be funny, make great content — the viralality will come).

This interview — although not VFX related specifically — is one that as artists, as story tellers, we can get a lot from. This interview I peak behind the curtain on the Harmon Bros creative process with CEO of Harmon Bros (Benton), as well as Chief Creative Director (Daniel) and talk everything from poop to gold.




The Harmon Brothers is a marketing firm based in Provo, Utah, that has a history of making viral advertising videos. Founded by brothers Daniel, Neil, Jeffrey and Theron Harmon and CEO Benton Crane, the company creates marketing campaigns that are usually the length of an infomercial — but with a distinct sense of humor. Their campaigns for Squatty Potty and the Purple have more than 100 million views. They have also created campaigns for Poo-Pourri, FiberFix, Camp Chef and several others.

Since then, the company launched the Harmon Brothers University where through online courses, Daniel Harmon and Lead Writer Dave Vance share their insight on how to create successful marketing videos. With writer Chris Jones, they also co-wrote the book From Poop to Gold: The Marketing Magic of Harmon Brothers that “reveals the behind-the-scenes magic including their innovative business model [and] one of the biggest secrets behind their success”.

In this Podcast, Daniel Harmon of the Harmon Brothers and CEO Benton Crane discuss the Company’s history, the secrets to creating viral ads and the three C’s: the principals for their success.

Harmon Brothers’ Website: www.HarmonBrothers.com

Harmon Brothers University: www.HarmonBrothersUniversity.com

From Poop to Gold: The Marketing Magic of Harmon Brothers:

Harmon Brothers Profile in Forbes Magazine:
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They look like Jimmy Carr and Aaron Paul
Harmon Brothers
Thanks for having us on your show!
Ian Leahy
Around 33:50 in my industry the whole "120 hour" course thing is BS. There are no real "hours" in these online courses it's all for show.
Matt Crane
Good stuff!
SimpLee Beth
Imagine how much lower their rates could be if they weren't funneling so much back to the Mormon church. Lol!
Greg Andersen
Squatty Potty definitely needs to give credit to the amazing Chris Richard Hanson who made that amazing unicorn!!!
As always amazing content! Thank you for this Allan
Great video!