Game of Thrones Visual Effects Breakdown – The Bells VFX (Mad Queen Scene Making of BTS)

This video is a Visual Effects Case Study on Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5. Discussing many of the VFX sequences in the episode, and deconstructing the visuals from the perspective of a VFX Supervisor.

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Traditionally in VFX Case Studies — the focus has been on not discussing specifically how these shots were done — but more how I might approach these shots in a VFX production, from a supervisor’s perspective.

The final few episodes of Game of Thrones have really ramped up in production value, with massive budgets and epic battle sequences. Episode 5 is no different: With large amounts of pyro and destruction , crowd shots and heavy creature shot counts. Extensive digital environments and other visual effects.

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This VFX Breakdown is focused on creating a discussion around this episode and the work that went into it.

Collaboratively the work from Scanline VFX, Weta Digital, Pixomondo, Image Engine, Rodeo as well as various other studios combined have built a masterpiece of an episode with stunning visuals and complex visual effects shots.

Amazing work to everyone involved!

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Youtube comments:

Waseem Fitness
Thank you Allan .. my question its normal when fire hits the building its melt like butter and exploded so easy ?
Shannon D
Digital fire? I’m sure I am unaware of the specific terms but I just know they make SO many fires. Enjoyed the breakdown!
Sir Booginus
Hey Allan. My name is Sean. This is a REAL long shot but in this video you mention your connection to VFX artists. Well I just moved to LA for the summer as a student of OU, and I am looking for an internship. Wondering if you may be able to help me out? If you wanna learn more about me or have any advice to offer, I'll send you my email. Just thought I'd shoot a shot here. Thanks for the video! Very informative and awesome. Lots of insight into the process.
Totally loved this VFX review. On all my previous comments and post I was referring to this topic on your videos, so you could also show more "tech" info like this: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/05/24/dreamworks_data_pipeline/
Marcus Dryden
Alan what software do you use in your reviews -
Do you recommend editing in premiere or avid?
Austin Smith
Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to put these together. Love these videos.
VisionLoop Studios
The Best To The Core!!! Love You Man... We Expect More From You..!!
Modulehead Independent Creative
Just settled to this,and I agree with the fibers thing, it basically becomes a kind of pattern,visually,that takes away from the experience. And thanks for the spoilers(inevitable), stopped watching game of thrones a few years ago and was wondering how I was going to catch up! Keep them coming Alan!
S Haider
Watching this episode made me feel tired just thinking about the volume of VFX work that went into all the Pyro and Destruction. Fans of the show were wishing Dany stop the madness out of pity of the innocent people in the city and I was like *"GIVE THE VFX Artists A BREAK YOU MAD WOMAN!!!"* :D
Ravi Tomar
Super in-depth coverage!!! Loved the psychology that needs to be behind creating a visual-fx scene... Agree 100 pc on what looks real and what looks CG in terms of fire...wud be eagerly waiting for a tutorial based on similar lines from you..
Siddhartha Nayanananda
Awesome breakdown and thank you for taking time and sharing your insight with us. Question... How do they keep the consistent look throughout the whole scene while doing parts in deferent studios? What are the sets of rules they use? Are they matched in color grading process or comp level? Also in the ship scene, I feel the green-screen edges are too soft(not sure I'm seeing because of the video compression). Of cause I could be wrong. But I think this is amazing work.
Thanks for doing this quick bts breakdown. YES! Please continue to do these type of videos. Frame by frame is rough but you are correct with large screen 4k monitors being the norm TV shows that do not embrace a high level of production value are going to be shredded by critics and viewing audiences. Kudos to this scale of accomplishment.
Allan Zulu
Thank you for this tutorial, I wish to reach this level of editing. Please how to you make a real dragon using CGI and VFX?
Isn't smoke and fire like, super hard to do? It looked seriously realistic and horrifying in this episode. Great job by the CG people!
Deep Thakur
glad to see u
@Allan McKay did you come across the two shots where they forgot to put the CG ground in the shot?
Allan, Please continue doing your VFX Case Studies.
Pulkit Kamal
Hey Allan, I know you're probably not gonna see this. But man, you inspire me a lot! Thanks for everything!
Leon Hausmann
Thank you for this breakdown it was very intresting so could you make a tutorial about the dragon destruction please?