Game of Thrones – The Bells (Mad Queen Scene) – Season 8, Episode 5 CGI

In this season 8, episode 5 of Game of Thrones, Daenerys went full Targaryen. With Drogo burning Kings Landing to ashes and all of the destruction of the city: The mad queen is in full force!

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I wanted to put this video together just for fun! As I had the sequence available, from the Game of Thrones Episode 5, Visual Effects Case Study I did yesterday. [Here’s the link to the video]: https://youtu.be/5c4ydELNdRI

The VFX for Episode 5 of Game of Thrones Season 8 were created primarily by Scanline VFX, Imagine Engine, Weta Digital, Rodeo and Pixomondo. Tools used include Side Effects Houdini, 3DS Max (for a lot of the destruction), Maya, FumeFX, Thinking Particles, Razor and various other tools. Rendering for a majority of the project was both Chaos Group V-Ray, Redshift and Mantra.

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Max Fkh
What an unexpected and nice choice for the music 😁 Thank you for this compilation !
Mahir Celik
Finally after this episode Tyrion is not only shortest also the longest Lannister
great episode to watch .
Fuck your stupid tumbnail...why you Need to put spoilers
Public Static Void
I'll tell you, people think the actors are the greatest part of these shows and movies. The real talent is in the special FX technicians. To me, those are the real heroes!
Vivek K. S
Hi sir I'm an architecture 4th year student from India after my architecture studying I want study vfx course so which is the best career in vfx? Which vfx course I want study?
Black Light
Now all is left is for you doing tutorials about this episide =)
Ah, you made me think of Young Guns. Those are such great films! Nice comp, Allan.
Jerry Jacob
I got goosebumps! really love the FX work..
Ishaq Ironight
i really waited for this video
Gaddam Sai krishna
sir what software's do they use