God of War

A visual effects case study on God of War commercial for the Superbowl. This was recorded in Helsinki, Finland.

>> Click here to watch the full commercial

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Alone VFX
My favorite game GodOfWar. NICE JOB.
khurram sa
Pick up a wrong person as cratos, small guy spoils everything and you are explaining butter fingers. Now that's can be said designing. Is there a lack of big body actors in Hollywood cause cratos from the game looks over 7.6 feet tall about or little bit less but that was a large body and that film actor is Fuckin small
Santosh Kc
Hi Allan. Many many congratulations for your this channel. Hope to see many many good tutorials and great insight in vfx industry. Just have a question, can you make tutorial on avalanche effect and the physics behind it to get the balance and it's scale correct to do these big sim. Thank you.
Dream journey vfx
thank u
Demi God
I've never subscribed to such a small youtuber before... Never thought I would either. Thanks for the great content!
Demi God
Where did you find this video? I would like to see it with the copyrighted scenes
Bolt o7
It's Really a great content I love to post this kind of video on my channel but it's all your rites and you have already your YouTube channel so......👍
Shubh Pathania
Starting music ? please
Sajjad Ali Kumbhar
Allab Mckay I have a Job Because of you i have Humble Request To You Make A Car Crash & Airplane Crash, I have Plane to make Event of Visual Effects I Want to invite you
SUPER Thanks Allan for the email. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!
Shay Neary
When deciding on learning 3ds Max vs Maya all the advice was to choose Maya if I wanted to do cinematics and Max for games. After hearing on your podcast that Blur uses Max for cinematics and now this, I'm real confused 😂
Jos Wabeke
that was fun! thanks!
Fernando Diaz
Thanks Allan! Your email send me here!
Albert Coen
Nice job!
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing :D
uzair baloch
Hi allan plz make a video i told you about tornado...how to use air in video
Qwame Prince
Finally the master is here!
Was waiting for this for years!