Doubling My Instagram Growth (Hashtags Tutorial for 2020)

In this video, you’ll learn the 9 critical tips I’ve used to build a stronger audience on Instagram through using Instagram hashtags THE RIGHT WAY.

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In the past 3 months I’ve had major growth on Instagram primarily from really diving deep into exactly how Instagram hashtags work, and how to utilize them in a way to blow up your posts and build a stronger audience.

While also avoiding being SHADOW-BANNED by using the wrong hashtags, or the simple Instagram mistake we make of using the wrong hashtags that actually demote (or even hide) your Instagram post.

This is an Instagram tutorial focused entirely on walking away with TOTAL KNOWLEDGE on how to use Instagram hashtags the right way! As artists I want us to lean into IG in 2020 and start to leverage a lot of ways to get our name and our work out there and build our personal brand.

This is your chance to level up and take away key advice that you can apply to your Instagram account to get major growth as soon as TODAY!

Make sure to check out the other video I put out (INSTAGRAM FOR ARTISTS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmQI8NhHlVQ


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Youtube comments:

Roman Bart
This video is gold! Subscribed.
Julian Abreu
So much insight man, Thank you so much, gonna make a follow up? now we can not see likes in instagram!
Thanks for this follow up video after your last one about Instagram. Very helpful information!!
Vivek Ranga
Hi AllanReally love your podcast and please start making video of interview podcast if possible coz that will help us to know VFX Supervisor or your podcast guests by face.
Team HB
I don't know why but I followed all your steps searching the appropriate hastags according to the followers and the posts and I used it but I didn't get much likes !!, But I will try once again hope it will work!! & BTW love your tutorials!!
ChunYou Sim
Thank you for the video. The hashtag breakdown is extremely insightful!
Jonathan Coble
Always love your content Allan :) Quick question, So should you engage more with other people's posts and follow more people in order to gain more relevancy on your own account? I'm assuming yes but wanted a deeper explanation if you have the time.
Stan Hillard
I've been guilty of using Instagram like a toy and not a tool. #timetochange
Simon Fisher
Big Yes 👍
Brad Ditmars
Great advice here Allan. A lot of info that makes sense but I hadn't thought about before. Thanks! I'll definitely put these tips to practice in my future IG post.
Amol Gamer
Yes, make more videos like this.
Matthew Vermeulen
Great value thank you I am going to implement this advice start on my next post
varun aggarwal
Thanks sir for the valuable advice from an experienced person rather than from a teenage blogger😂.really appreciate it and love from India
will higgins
Hey Allan, I love this sort of content. One of my biggest problems is not getting my content in front of the right people. I do have one question in regards to this vid, should you include hashtags above your weight class as well as smaller hashtags or will the lack of interest and exposure in the higher weight class overwrite any interaction of the lower class hashtag so don't include it at all? I hope this question makes sense.
Rene Alex
Hello again Allan, What about planning post in advance? Have you tried a pre made post to give you some slack and focus on other post/stuff that require a bit more time? I got this thing that I want to put out and part of it can be presented as a diary or a bts/diary, I want to post 3 or 4 times a week AND to have some peace of mind I want to plan at least 3 weeks of ready to post stuff before I get started, and fill the rest of the week with other non episodic stuff and "react to engagement" stuff... Is this a good idea? Or is there something that escapes me and it may bite my ass?Thanks for these videos, this is super specific stuff I was looking around and that got me looking into a jungle of noise that did not fit into my comfort zone... health, fashion and "influencers" for the sake of it "vibe" is quite annoying if one is not into it, and IG tutorials are full of that... TY!
Mircea Goia
I almost always use 29 hashtags on Insta. I should experiment with lower number. But what do you do if your posts are in the same category? For example I have a post with Milky Way shot on a location (which I do) then I post several more pictures slightly different but still with Milky Way and in the same location? What variation then of hashtags could I use so they are different enough for Instagram algo to see I am not copy and paste, if my hashtag are pretty focused?
Wirginia Romanowska
Good talk!
Adrien Lambert
Been spending too much time focusing on my work for others. Learning how to develop my own brand and community like you say. Thanks a bunch for your inputs and great talks, it helps a lot !
Shane Cappelle
Most important takeaways for me (besides the hashtag info of course)"If you just want to get likes or followers.. Then it doesn't really matter about making content in the first place.""Building an audience that I can interact with..a strong community of people. The content I want to make should be valuable to them, not valuable to me."Great talk!
Thanks Allan for once again sharing your knowledge to the masses. I like the weight class analogy and the 5X rule it's a good starting point. 25 Hashtags max, and to be laser focused were the lessons I gained.