Doctor Strange Portal VFX Tutorial (tyFlow & 3DS Max)

In the Doctor Strange VFX Portal Tutorial we will cover how to crate the portal vfx from the film, based around tyflow and Autodesk 3DS Max.

Download the scene assets as well as the second lesson here:

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This was recently voted up by thousands of people during the Thanos VFX tutorial series I put together recently that focused around creating effects of ash for Thanos Portal VFX have become a popular topic but so far I’ve only seen various Portal VFX tutorials focused around After Effects.

So with the Doctor Strange Portal VFX when we focus on 3DS Max we’re able to take full advantage of many of tyFlow’s tools to create a lot of advanced particle techniques and also introduce lighting with VRay Next and also compositing in Foundary Nuke.

Also I wanted to plug Bay Michael’s After Effects Tutorial here:

Check it out!

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Felix Larios
I could try making movies with VFX but they won't look as good as yours because you are the best Allan you are amazing
Keith Fay
So grateful for the tutorial, do you have any tutorials for comping this. Would love to know how the "destination" is kept inside the circle.
wait, so the course is coming back?
Motion Space
One of my senior told about you and trust me u the best man. Getting inspired from you alot thanks alot 🔥
Behzad Abbasi
Thank you so much
Hamid ThePhysicist
Ty so much dear Allan , I wonder where to find the other 1 to 8 videos ?
Ahmed Rami
Hi Allan can you make this with sound effect
Vicky Vignesh
Which is the best 3dsmax or maya
Me Animates
Hey did u check out the latest blender 2.80 its awesome😃 give it a try if u do have some free time in a while
Tirunelveli Gaming
hai allan i missed the last 3 classes in thanis free course but now the training is been closed so what should i do right now
Praveen Kumar
good tutorial allan...all the best
Amazing work! To tie this all together could you do a tutorial on super hero vfx CAPE shots. Like for Man of Steel or from Doctor Strange where hes flying or twirling it around his body in the first movie. This has always stumped me and I'd love to learn about the industry way of going about this! Is it pinned to a piece of geometry or do you model the actor out? There's nothing on youtube! Thanks!
Blackhorse Studio
love you so much man.
anand kaman
What saftware it is
Conrad Sly
Thanks Alan! this was so informative, and I have so many ideas about ways of using this. Could you recommend where to look more into camera tracking with lidar scan data?
Martin Galicia
My mentor :3... Thanks Allan for all your videos
Cool! :D
Thank you so very much again for all your hard work and generosity :) these videos are awesome! only one thing... I never got an email for video number 8? only 1 to 7, 9 and 10... am I missing something?
Better stay with 3DS Max, never again with Houdini.
Yggrassil Digital
thank you master!!!!! you are so awesome always!