How Much Money Do 3D Artists Make? (Creative Career Salary)

Is there MONEY in ART?

Or, is the starving artist myth actually real?

I wanted to dig deep in this episode around the difference between those who are making money in the industry and others who are not reaching their full potential.

And, discuss the the big question “Does art, actually pay?”

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This isn’t specifically about how much money do you make? Here we talk designer salary and does design pay – but also does VFX artists salary and game development salary make a real career? So not specifically about what a visual effects salary is (I’ll cover that more in depth later) but specifically how to build a strong creative career. Mike Hermes and others have covered great topics like this in the past I wanted to touch base on.

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Now, I want to turn it over to you: What do you want to see covered more in depth – specifically how to negotiate more money from your clients, or how to build your personal brand? Or is there another topic not covered here that you have questions about?

Let me know right now by leaving a comment.

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Youtube comments:

Scott Kane
Hey Allan! What a great video! I am an old student of your tutorials like 11 years ago, and you was my favorite, I am glad I found your youtube channel! Will dig deep into it! :) Thanks man!! Keep it up
Jacob Porsinky
Listen, $65 a day is super doable with: *OneBizopp. Com* . It's for sure one of the best places online today.
Gaming Android
Thanks Alan.This is very helpful video
I think it's my new beginning After Lot's of struggle as I was away from 3d for few months, and doing another job
Pasha Defragzor
I've made 30$ on a CGtrader that I can't take, and I lost about month to get the other 170$ without any positive results - a good experience to do not start the life
David Serrano
as long as artists support other art then we should be okay (:
Chris Donnelly
Thanks man. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
Daria Sam
Your advice is apply to every jobs and occupation
Maria Zatorska
Great video, thanks! And four years later I stopped looking for a a secret hack and started to do the work :) ha-ha Hands up for those who not quitting, it will pay off!!!
Nariman Safarov
Allan you are the man, thanks a lot I literally followed 10 percent of what you are saying , 1 day effort put in and I lend my dream job aaaand on a dream project, thank you soooooo much
Chris Reay
Thanks for the inspiration Alan! I wish there were more vocal members of the vfx community it really helps the young guys/girls.
Nariman Safarov
Also moving from Architectural field, but I keep my job as I make good money, I have 18 years of experience in Architectural viz, and I don't want to lose that, so I keep working and I keep looking for some freelance VFX jobs out there...
Sechesan Theodor
You changed my perspective in just a few minutes. Thank yoj!
Polygon Academy
awesome vid man. As someone who is 100% self taught, I think with the right tactics you can easily make a decent income as an artist. focusing on mastering a skillset is so important, and building an audience while you are doing that will really help you too. I get a TON of job offers each month simply based off the fact I put out youtube content and people in studios randomly come across it. Plus if you have a side hustle you can suppliment your income pretty well. Lets say you make 80k a year at a studio gig, make some tutorials or asset packs, and you could probably pretty easily make another 20k in semi-passive income. making 100k a year doing what you enjoy is not bad at all. I will take that over 200k stuck in some financial or law job I would be miserable at. happiness over currency, especially once you get past 50k a year.
Bojan Stankovski
Is it possible to get a job offer from oversees without bachelor degree or any degree? Does studios hire this way:?
Naseem Shanboor
you worked so hard to make a good looking video frame and coloring but the audio was not that good
Milantique Studios
It’s funny but I experience the opposite. I see people trying and hustling but just can’t get the jobs.I see issues with this industry and the lack of effort is apparent but I see that as the minority. There are far more issues with this industry than people not trying. It’s not excuses, it’s a fact that this industry is harder than it should be.
Kamil S
Thanks buddy! Intresting video
I'm not gonna say anything am just glad that I saw this. best advice. nothing is a joke everything needs working hard.
NJ work
I am a biomedical engineer here in Pakistan !!! Got first job in engineering but left after 2months, wasn't my type!! ,I got first job in 15days in 3D industry as I always had passion and doing freelance. Did it for year now grabbed second job with double the income first one!!!!Now planning on moving to newzealand next year!!How is it for 3D industry!!! Or any other businesses if wanna Start one!!Here is my portfolio what things I should improvewww.artstation.com/nofilkhan