How Much Money Do 3D Artists Make? (Creative Career Salary)

Is there MONEY in ART?

Or, is the starving artist myth actually real?

I wanted to dig deep in this episode around the difference between those who are making money in the industry and others who are not reaching their full potential.

And, discuss the the big question “Does art, actually pay?”

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This isn’t specifically about how much money do you make? Here we talk designer salary and does design pay – but also does VFX artists salary and game development salary make a real career? So not specifically about what a visual effects salary is (I’ll cover that more in depth later) but specifically how to build a strong creative career. Mike Hermes and others have covered great topics like this in the past I wanted to touch base on.

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Now, I want to turn it over to you: What do you want to see covered more in depth – specifically how to negotiate more money from your clients, or how to build your personal brand? Or is there another topic not covered here that you have questions about?

Let me know right now by leaving a comment.

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Youtube comments:

Naseem Shanboor
you worked so hard to make a good looking video frame and coloring but the audio was not that good
Milantique Studios
It’s funny but I experience the opposite. I see people trying and hustling but just can’t get the jobs.I see issues with this industry and the lack of effort is apparent but I see that as the minority. There are far more issues with this industry than people not trying. It’s not excuses, it’s a fact that this industry is harder than it should be.
Kamil S
Thanks buddy! Intresting video
I'm not gonna say anything am just glad that I saw this. best advice. nothing is a joke everything needs working hard.
NJ work
I am a biomedical engineer here in Pakistan !!! Got first job in engineering but left after 2months, wasn't my type!! ,I got first job in 15days in 3D industry as I always had passion and doing freelance. Did it for year now grabbed second job with double the income first one!!!!Now planning on moving to newzealand next year!!How is it for 3D industry!!! Or any other businesses if wanna Start one!!Here is my portfolio what things I should improvewww.artstation.com/nofilkhan
Amal Ali
I came here for a number not advice
Yggrassil Digital
thank you for sharing master..
I am your new a student. I use maya, after effects. Will be able to find lessons about maya? 🙏
Zafer Üstüner
You and Ryan Kingslien are the only people who are talking about the psychological backbone of the 3d/vfx careers.
Sorry but these general crap I ve heard thousand time -_-
These is my last year in bachelor of fine arts and I got a job offer..... But I was prapering further to do my masters in fine arts so now I am in a great dilemma. Please tell what would be best for me?
ralf amine
lets dive in ....i loved that word when you said it because really i taked a dive into the deep...thanks again :)
Harry Dee
how to build a personal brand
Olivier Jean
Thanks Allan for this video. !!
Siddharth Garikipati
Honestly, I can't imagine why some one would dislike this video. It's exactly what I needed to hear and take action. Thanks Allan
thanks allan for the great knowledge you shared with everyone. im from india and i found fx remote work is less compared to other dept gets more remote works. as fx dept need high end sys and cache data, its a time taking simulation works. can you guide me from where i can get more fx work as remote. thanks is advance...loved your video..great job allan
Michael Tumey
Well I'm not wealthy, but clients find me, I have never contacted a potential client. I'm doing a very niche field, calling myself a cartographic illustrator. I create maps for game publishers. I primarily create maps for tabletop roleplaying game publishers, but I also create maps for video game strategy guides, and have become my own publisher, where I create the art for author/game designers, then do page layout, cover design, be the art director and publish RPG supplements. I hope to expand to other non-gaming niches, but am fairly successful in what I do.
Fahim Jaowad
Thanks for doing this man. Thanks so much.
Muyunda M Chakalashi
Wise words...learned much and thank you!
Ahmed Nasr
even websites like upwork are not accepting new freelancers from third world countries :(