How Much Money Do 3D Artists Make? (Creative Career Salary)

Is there MONEY in ART?

Or, is the starving artist myth actually real?

I wanted to dig deep in this episode around the difference between those who are making money in the industry and others who are not reaching their full potential.

And, discuss the the big question “Does art, actually pay?”

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This isn’t specifically about how much money do you make? Here we talk designer salary and does design pay – but also does VFX artists salary and game development salary make a real career? So not specifically about what a visual effects salary is (I’ll cover that more in depth later) but specifically how to build a strong creative career. Mike Hermes and others have covered great topics like this in the past I wanted to touch base on.

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Now, I want to turn it over to you: What do you want to see covered more in depth – specifically how to negotiate more money from your clients, or how to build your personal brand? Or is there another topic not covered here that you have questions about?

Let me know right now by leaving a comment.

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Youtube comments:

Loved it
My dads friend earn 10k per month being 3d artist
Zeewaqar Husnain
get hands dirty in the beginning. as well as be ready to eat sh*t in the beginning. you nalied it in the end. ciao.
Yes there is a crap ton of money in ART. Just look at Disney's stock. (even during the Pandemic). And yeah it might seem like a terrible example at first glance because you are looking at an international Mega corporation. Here's the key though: MOST artists are TERRIBLE at business, not only terrible, but it's not even in their radar, and while admit that you don't get into art to get rich, even just making a decent living is hard enough, but it's because artists are easily taken advantage of.
Jonah Delzell
This is very insightful. I am eager to fail! Only through failure can we find the path to success :)
Paulo Cunha
i'm trying to get a decent job as a 3d modeler around 8 years. Any advice? I`m feeling frustrated
Paweł Stasik
Amazing, thanks so much for this ! I'm not from a poor family, I've never been on a situation where I had nothing to eat or a place to live etc. but I had a very strong social anxiety that stopped my life for a few years and to overcome it I had to put a lot of effort (another few years) to change almost everything in my mind but now I'm very strong mentally, I know how brain works and that everything is possible. So in my opinion such negative situations can make people (people that manage to overcome it) much much stronger.
Nowadays working in a professional studio you wont become rich at all aswell as that you have to stand out from the rest oversaturation of employees wanting to be the best. Working for yourself and being self taught all online is what truly matters and will net you more income (freelance, contract) but be prepared to work your ass off. Thats why many studios try to outsource their projects nowadays. I'd advise skipping the "getting into a triple A studio" part but if you want to go that route then do it but be realistic but personally for me not interested in the studio thing. I havent worked in a studio but from what iv read, researched, seen, the state of the economy and the competition, (office politics is a thing too) its definitely not easy.
Vishal Roman Official
Hi sir I'm senior Matchmove artist Tell me how to find job in abroad country & How to build carrier in fx (houdini ).. Please reply
Great video
dude this was so helpful man thank you
Hector Cruz
Hello Allan, loving your content. Any advice for 3d environmental artists looking to put a portfolio together geared towards motion design?
Айрат Идея
Thank you man!
Pollaro Pictures
you're really helping me bro. Thank you!
Hey, how far could i go starting now with 14 years?
william mensah
Be in it to win it
Scott Kane
Hey Allan! What a great video! I am an old student of your tutorials like 11 years ago, and you was my favorite, I am glad I found your youtube channel! Will dig deep into it! :) Thanks man!! Keep it up
Jacob Porsinky
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Gaming Android
Thanks Alan.This is very helpful video
I think it's my new beginning After Lot's of struggle as I was away from 3d for few months, and doing another job