Car Destruction Class

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ew tyFLOW tutorial on car destruction in 3ds max
Covering particle effects and dynamic car simulation through FX rigging and dynamics.
Taking full advantage of tyFlow plugin and many of it’s features.

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I hope to build a much more in-depth lesson on this subject soon

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Now, for those of you not aware, tyflow is a new particle plugin for max – that’s available for download right now for free during it’s beta development cycle
you can download the plugin at beta.tyflow.com
and simply drop the .dlo file into your plugins directory for 3DS Max and you’ll be good to go.
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in the meantime let’s dive into this lesson on car destruction!

Youtube comments:

Hiếu Đờ Hợi
Thankiu <333333333333333333333
Seferov CAVID
hi bro . can i use it for unity?
Finally i love u sir ur so great helping people im really new to TYFLOW but ur speeding my workflow please keep creating :)
saeed zare
You are my prophet
saeed zare
OHHHHH Awesome
Alfredo Hdez
Yes, make more Tyflow tutorials, please!
upload data
Hey sir thanks for this awesome tutorial I have a question in my mind how long it takes to learn Houdini and tyflow and should I have to learn pyton scripts too for becoing VFX artist !!?
thank you for this tutorial! luv from india !! plz make more !! we love u
awesome!! thank you Allan!!
luisj. aly
Thanks you........tutorial
Eric Narad
I too am getting a circular reference error at the step where I try to link the Particle Skin modifier to the particle system. Any ideas?
mansoor niazi
Is the destruction tutorial still available
Nelson G
Awesome Allan... thank's...
Arshak Khachatryan
mate always enjoying your tutorials, thanks a lot
Rishab jain
sir video is little complicated plz try to make easier
David Malaver
someone knows why the typarticleskin can;t make a circular reference when i tried to reference the TYFLOW particle system in the minute 0:11:18 ?
edgar protsko
hi. i want to do some effect but there is no any solutions on the web. 1) i have cube with 100 x 100 verticies grid. its my hidden animated(wave ripple etc) control geometry — «volume1». 2) on this grid i have tyflow particles spread only on verticies(cube’s) and constraint to them(object bind — lock to surface) 3) i have hidden sphere (animated moving and animated deformations) moves through particles — «volume2» I want my tyflow particles change material in this moving sphere volume2. Basic cube volume1 — transperant glass, in moving volume2 — vray light. It will be some kind of 3d led screen.
Ken Yong
Allan, I'll be waiting for your more in depth car rig tutorial. Hopefully you are going to make one. Thanks
Barna Horvath
Hi Allan! Fantastic tutorial! I have one problem, after I have the car dynamics set, and I start the animation to test it. My car just keeps falling down to eternity, the destruction does not happen. I've checked everything a few times. Sorry to bother you! P.S.: I am using Max 2020.
Great work, I would love to see more of these videos.