Car Destruction Class

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ew tyFLOW tutorial on car destruction in 3ds max
Covering particle effects and dynamic car simulation through FX rigging and dynamics.
Taking full advantage of tyFlow plugin and many of it’s features.

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Now, for those of you not aware, tyflow is a new particle plugin for max – that’s available for download right now for free during it’s beta development cycle
you can download the plugin at beta.tyflow.com
and simply drop the .dlo file into your plugins directory for 3DS Max and you’ll be good to go.
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in the meantime let’s dive into this lesson on car destruction!

Youtube comments:

Hiếu Đờ Hợi
Thankiu <333333333333333333333
Göker Gökçe
Stefan Törnqvist
PLEASE continue this Allan
can you share the project file please
19:57 mine just falls down the plane why
Fernando Criativo 3D
Hi Allan, pls make available the VFX Course Again...I am starting to VFX and will love to follow that course. Thanks!
Doha Guide
Thank you Allan.
Jaysun Spinks
Always helpful Allan. Whenever I'm in trouble while solving a problem for work I can always rely on your tuition to get me through. Thankyou so much soldier.
Hlaing Min
ofcourse Yes!
Good stuff! would be great to see how to breake glass and do suspension
9A Films
Hey man love the hard work, how to break animated objects or characters
Muhammad Arif Bhutto
Romas Noreika
Hey Allan - I need your help to understand how I can do this with TyFlow: 2:30min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARqfjcopqdE&ab_channel=MovieLaughs Also I have managed to do the begining, but I am struggling to transform those cubes to a different/next object/solid geometry ;/ Please help, here is a short video for my try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikdrm6kmy4d2849/Path%20Follow%20Morph.mov?dl=0
Hi Allan, thanks for the great tutorial! One thing I had trouble with was when you set Particle Group to 1, it seemed to disable ground collision, and physX collisions. I assume I have to choose the particle group every time, but I don't see you doing that in this tutorial. Maybe this is new to later Tyflow?
Jonas Mortensen
whenever doing rigid body destruction I find the pieces flying everywhere, and I have it to real life scale, how would you fix that?
david dierckx
you are my legend.
Milad Savar
Great Work Allan