Car Destruction Class

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ew tyFLOW tutorial on car destruction in 3ds max
Covering particle effects and dynamic car simulation through FX rigging and dynamics.
Taking full advantage of tyFlow plugin and many of it’s features.

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Now, for those of you not aware, tyflow is a new particle plugin for max – that’s available for download right now for free during it’s beta development cycle
you can download the plugin at beta.tyflow.com
and simply drop the .dlo file into your plugins directory for 3DS Max and you’ll be good to go.
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in the meantime let’s dive into this lesson on car destruction!

Youtube comments:

Hiếu Đờ Hợi
Thankiu <333333333333333333333
fabien valour
hello there are a bug with particle group and phyXwhen on , there are no floor collision
Ess Kay
Great tutorial. Thanks. I can't find how to use tyflow with fumefx, Phoenix fd in in-depth. 🤑
Can you make a tutorial using tyflow ,tank simulation make it follow a path and on its path there a wall and make the tank tracks and wheels interact with the wall when it break into pieces
Leonardo R
Yes physical car :)
akshay khedkar
ayush patel
20:00 my Car's going straight down ...not going as yours sirr... Please helppp 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Saeed Soleh
yes please
leo motion
Please I like to see more of this tutorial like compositing to a real shot. Thanks God bless you for all your efforts
yess!!! please!!
wayne hollingsworth
Hey bud....this workflow does not work with the latest tyflow build. Birth Shape no longer exists but when you replace to Birth Objects....the car does not show up. Any suggestions bud!?
Manuel Camelo
You're a GOD ! ,____/-------\o_____btw how do we export Houdini stuff into Unreal Engine 4?
Q tech
i am looking for tutorials on creatures
Arshak Khachatryan
Great Tutorial, thanks mate
Killshot SL
Nice :) great CGI and blender vs 3d max ?
​ Is it possible to do such a destruction of the aircraft in tyFlow ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUgrY73S1UE&t=8s
Ezequiel Pereyra
omg another free course, found a treasure
Hazem Zakaria
Please make more tyflow videos Allan, you’re great!
Naru Hinn
Fred Sena
I think I faced a bug.It was a long day until find the cause: When I turn off Particle Groups, the Actor behaves right, but I can't hide the particles. When I turn on, the particles is hidden, but it no longer collides to floor or box. Is it a current bug, or am I missing something? 3D Max 2019 - Tyflow v0.16046. Help please?