Build Your Personal Brand as an Artist

This is one of the most critical episodes so far in our journey to grow our career and multiply our successes. Something so critical yet overlooked is defining our name and our niche and building our brand. Associating ourselves in a way that will resonate with others and key ways to introduce ourselves that will stay with your audience and grow your job prospects.

This episode we learn to make ourselves more than just an artist or an employee but to strategically build our name and reputation up, and consolidate our efforts and focus onto one outcome, building a our brand.

As artist’s we have insecurities that we want to be successful, we want to get work. But we don’t want to sell out, we want to be humble: “I’ll let my work speak for itself”.

In this live stream we discussed exactly that. That how you could be the greatest artist on the planet, but if nobody knows who you are, how are you going to get the jobs? Personal branding isn’t about showing off, it’s about standing out. It’s about being the first person they think of, when they need to hire someone.

There’s lots of material from Gary Vee , Chris Do, from the Futr on personal branding and others talking about the need we have. Through effective branding, we are able to associate ourselves, with a niche, a software tool, a style or type of work. I want you to focus on how you can get your work in front of more people, by building a strong personal brand.

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John Smith
Don't they brand cows and horses? ;)
Kyle Ashaaibi
Hey Allen! Is your podcast available on Spotify?
There was some great advice here, thanks for sharing!
Ali Ahmadi
Allan, things you mentioned in around 45' about the value of correct information we should get. It is reqlly good to have you in my top profiles to follow. Thanks man. I wish i could do something you are doing now. Or even continue what you are doing. This is reaaly valuable. Thanks again.
Sir I want to work with you....
Spencer Magnusson
My life is less stable than that autofocus XD Just kidding, but someone had to make a joke on it. Thank you for putting these out! One question: Apart from my specialties in compositing and 3D VFX, I also have what could be considered "sub-specialties," for example, in shading and 3D plugins (good at it, but not as further along as my specialties). My question is: when and how should I advertise those sub-specialties? Should I only show off my services with my specialties, or should I include the sub-specialties as well?
Franklin Famulski
This is the most helpful video out there on this subject.
Sarvotarzan VFX
Thanks to your email that i am able to see this video sir.
Good day Alan And where can I take a venom course?
talal abdullah
thank you Allan , Thank you very much
Nobody wants to see rigging stuff on artstation
Allan McKay
Thanks guys!! 🙏