Why Personal Branding is Important in 2019 (Allan McKay)

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The importance of personal branding and why personal branding is important
What It Takes To Build A Brand (How I Built My Personal Brand) and how I built my personal brand focusing on Digital Marketing.

Let’s talk about what it takes to build a brand and how I built my personal brand and how I attracted studios like ILM, Ubisoft, and many others — to reach out to me because I built VISIBILITY around my services.

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This video is about how you can do the same. Both with controlling what information about your brand is put out there, as well as strategically choosing what to withhold.

This video is focused on my experience early in my career: how I put focus early in my career and building a strong personal brand. But also how there were certain aspects such as my age that I felt might be a disadvantage so I wanted to control what I made visible about me, but also what I chose to withhold.

As we go through this episode, I want you to pay attention to some of the stories I tell, as they’re intentionally sharing a lot of concepts as well as aspects of our brand that we might not have thought about.

A lot of us get uncomfortable thinking about building a personal brand as artists and what might be the perception formed about us. It’s natural that the more we put ourselves out there the more we worry about being judged or how we’re received.

But this is why it’s critical to understand that ultimately you are in control of your message and positioning around your personal brand.

In the visual effects industry, design and games we’re in very saturated industries and it’s important to have a brand, as a way to stand out from the noise and qualify ourselves as the ideal candidate for our clients.


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Youtube comments:

Nicholas Reynolds
Been following you for years and love everything you post. I completely agree with the age. Being young in the industry always affected me more than the actual people around you. I personally felt I was judged a little at first with age, but by being humble and putting out good work always gets you the respect quickly. Looking forward to future videos on this topic. All best. -Nick
SRN Studio
Yes, if nobody know us don't know abut our work , so Personal Branding is important to us.
Thanks for sharing this, Allan. I appreciate the vulnerability and insight tremendously. Definitely a good reminder that WE control our own story, whether positive OR negative. In the abyss of social media comments, it’s sometimes all too easy to forget that. It’s constant work checking in with yourself. At every salary review, the owner at my first full time animation job 20 years ago (where I stayed for 8 years) would always tell me that I worked too slowly and would then offer me a modest raise, thinking I should be grateful after receiving such a critique. Meanwhile, as the first animator they hired, I built their 3D department - juggling everything from AIT backups, to server / render farm maintenance, while still animating full time late into the evenings. Within 6 years, the company was acquired by one of the top ad agencies globally. I mention this because, in my case, I let THEM control the narrative and my story despite the reality that I was adding undeniable value to the company that they then directly profited from in being acquired. After my long overdue departure from that studio, I was frequently given props at other studios for my efficiency. Thanks again for sharing. Appreciate you.
Devashya Vishwakarma
You are amazing as a person Allan. Cheers!!
Ben Gallagher
Hey! I’m an up and coming Flame artist at a relatively small post house, without an in house CG artist. One of the things I feel is holding me back from being able to make the step to a larger post house, is my ability to compost CG models into live action shots and a lack of knowledge regarding the best possible workflows between 3D softwares and compositing tools, such as flame or nuke. Do you have any advice regarding this?
Nellu Fly
Allan, you're awesome as always! Thank you for your priceless sharing.
Hi Allan am watching you few days back and getting. Interested to ask!!I have been learning and later doing freelance as an 3d artist since 2012, last year have joined a local job as an graphic trainer. Now would like to back on 3d career. Target is getting a remote job.How should I approach? 1. Learning more to Advance level? 2.Branding myself? My works : nano3ddreams.com
Christian Deny Almeida Costa
Hi Allan, First of all I would like to congratulate you for sharing all this information with us. I am 43 years old i'm from Brazil and started very young at 16 working with airbrushing for architectural project presentations and then rapidly evolving to digital arts, 3d, CG etc. But at the age of 25, married to a daughter, I stagnated and did not evolve professionally, but, I continued studying, I actually settled down. I am currently studying again, zbrush mainly. I am a full time freelancer since 2012. My question is, what is the way forward to start from scratch after 40 years. Is there a place in industry to fit in and get professionally advanced so late?
Ivan Ice-Berg
Обожаю этого парня, жаль я нихрена не понимаю по английски :))
Irena Šmitáková
Amazing content Allan! :)
Дарья Попкова
I am 29 and I dream to work as concept artist in New York. But sometimes it get hard to believe in my dreams, cause I think that I maybe too old to reach my them. But I will fight! Thank you, Alan!
Greo G
Hi Allan. Thanks for your insights and efforts. I follow your posts and it´s always very clarifying to hear. I'm starting out in the industry and had my first job this year. I´m very satisfied that all the hard work over the years ended up paying off, but I know deep inside that, in the long run, I´ll want to make most of my income as a freelancer working from home or remotely. And keep all the traveling stuff as an optional thing more than something I need. I´d love to hear what you would do in my situation. Do you have any tips or ideas of how I can end up making that happen? How to start working in that direction? Thanks again! PD: I know you did a video about working from home, but I only took from it that it is possibe, some people do it, and that people who hire freelancers value that they can pay per job and not per hour. I missed more like the how, or just little baby steps that can be taken.
Adrian Weder
Thank you!
Mugalasi Rogers
Thinks you very much for sharing your life, as your fun am blessed that I subscribed your channel. We share some of the things in common. An being inspired by your story of growing up in such way that you made it . that means we can also make it. Thanks bro
Hey Allan! I'm an animation student, but I am having trouble figuring out how to start and land my first job. I would love it if you could talk about that in one of your next videos. Much love and respect for your work! - Kristina
creating vfx
hey Allan, I am finally now in industry, before that I was just learn from you and other artist to create stuffs. I was loving to Share my knowledge and some self experience things that I figured out how to do it from scratch . But now here I am in industry My motivation my devotion to my personal interest in sharing and creating stuffs for you-tube is somewhere lost. I just started my series of tutorial before coming for job and now here I am what i was waiting for long time but again loosing something that I was fond of
Allan Zulu
You are my inspiration 👍
Love the pep talk. When I was at Industry Giants I wanted to watch the rest of it because of you, thank you. I've felt lucky in life and that I wouldn't be able to amount to anything important creatively, it's people like you that shows the ground up mentality that makes me think that I actually have a shot if I decide to put in the effort. I'm not really one to hold conversations for a long period of time, maybe it's because I feel like small talk is meaningless. But the one thing I have found is that the more work I put up for myself the more meaningful my conversations become. I'm not really sure what the point of this comment was, but I wanted to let you know that your speech is causing others to make the same encouragement, and it makes those people be placed in the same position as you. So thank you.
Hi sir I'm doing vfx course they are teaching Maya.. I want to be in fx department so which software is the industry standard to build my career
Jahir Hussain
I was really low for the past few days with the same invisible script running in my mind that i am not worthy and would i ever achieve great heights from the place i am right now.Whatever i tried doing i would leave it in middle-way because of no belief that anything good will happen in my life. And then u released this video at the right time,now i understood that no matter who you are and where you are,you can achieve if you are willing to put that extra effort and time in doing stuff even it doesn't come right at first.I will keep trying until i succeed and even if i dont , i would know that i tried. Your words boosted me up sir.Thank you.❤