Avengers: Infinity War – VFX Breakdown (2019)

The Avengers: Infinity War Visual Effects Breakdown – is episode 2 of the VFX Breakdown series I started last month.

I recently had many of you vote on what movie you want to see next on my Instagram channel (https://www.instagram.com/allanmckayofficial/) and by far the VFX of Avengers: Infinity War was one the highest vote.

I wanted to include all of the big sequences from the film from Wakanda, Knowwhere, Titan and many more of the locations, as well as breaking down all of the VFX from Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider Man, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thanos and many more of the CGI characters.

This was daunting, as I knew the movie was pretty much entirely CG — but a lot of fun to include all of the great work from Weta Digital, Industrial Light + Magic (ILM), Framestore, Cinesite, DNEG, Rise and more.

As you watch this video, feel free to leave comments as you go with the timestamp of which part of the video you’re watching — and what questions you have. I’ll do my best to respond and I would love to start a conversation about this piece and all of the work involved in it!

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NOW — My big question is: WHAT MOVIE DO YOU WANT TO SEE COVERED NEXT? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks, guys!


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Youtube comments:

I haven't even watched this yet but I'm already so excited! I'm not even that much into VFX, more general filmmaking and DoP-ing, but when Allan makes a high-quality VFX tutorial, that's a must-watch! Keep them up mate! :)Shared your video on r/vfx, pretty well received! :D
Yo mama so big she doesn't fit in frame;)
Gibrán Lara
Hello Allan, amazing video!I have two questions:1. Why the work of CGI in the Iron Man suit has been impoverished over time. Basically does the suit look much better on Iron Man 1 / The Avengers than on Infinity War? It looks anything but metal or iron.2. Who decides to add a kind of filter to the final product? I mean the strange gray filter to the whole movie. I think it reduces the image quality and sharpness too much. I mean the minute 42:16 where the textures stand out more and in 42:17 that quality is lost.
Alita is better.
Im new to vfx abd i was wondering how i would replicate the ashing effect at the end of the movie
5 Minute FX
Hey, great breakdown. I was actually one of the FX artists that worked on the New York sequence for this film and a lot of what you say is true.
Ashish Tanwar
amazing i'm loving these VFX Breakdown
Sankhadeep sen
powerhouse of knowledge......
Dimitriii Radio
Sound like an Australian who moved to the US
Ruiming Chen
Two hours of vfx breakdown? Instant watch later!
GuyX 1
I have a question no VFX person seems to be able to answer, hopefully you can shed some light. Ok. Since Disney owns ILM, do they get work done at cost, without mark up? For example, back when George Lucas did the Star Wars prequels, he was making those movies for about 115-120 million. With the amount of CGI and the comparative budgets to other films, he was obviously as the owner of ILM getting the work done at far cheaper prices. 115 million for the work done in Phantom Menace is insanely cheap. Had any other studio made that film the budget would've been at least 3X higher. With Disney owning ILM they are absorbing one of the most expensive elements of movie making today: CGI. Why doesn't Disney use ILM on all its films? When Marvel (owned by Disney) pays ILm(again, also owned by Disney) it's just Disney money getting switched around. So do Disney films get a discount? Looking at the budgets of the Marvel & Lucasfilm movies, it doesn't seem like it.
Respect for uploading a 2hr + video. I would have cut it in half, and made 2 videos
Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind
This is so good I literally watched it on a Iphone 4s youtube app on 240p resolution and now im basically a VFX professional.
Matthew Elias
I really appreciate this because I feel like behind the scenes featurettes on Marvel films are never as robust as I'd like (compared to something like LOTR). Thanks!
Nick Pritchard
Who dies at the end of endgame. Jk
Its midnight and I have a test tomorrow I haven’t studied for... guess I have no choice but to watch this entire video
2.20 mins in and I'm already amped. you got a new sub bro ! please keep it coming when you can i know your busy obviously lol
Rugby Man
Loving your content mate. Instantly subbed!!
25 years? How old are you?? LOL
Wait, you worked on Infinity war?!?