Avengers: Infinity War – VFX Breakdown (2019)

The Avengers: Infinity War Visual Effects Breakdown – is episode 2 of the VFX Breakdown series I started last month.

I recently had many of you vote on what movie you want to see next on my Instagram channel (https://www.instagram.com/allanmckayofficial/) and by far the VFX of Avengers: Infinity War was one the highest vote.

I wanted to include all of the big sequences from the film from Wakanda, Knowwhere, Titan and many more of the locations, as well as breaking down all of the VFX from Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider Man, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thanos and many more of the CGI characters.

This was daunting, as I knew the movie was pretty much entirely CG — but a lot of fun to include all of the great work from Weta Digital, Industrial Light + Magic (ILM), Framestore, Cinesite, DNEG, Rise and more.

As you watch this video, feel free to leave comments as you go with the timestamp of which part of the video you’re watching — and what questions you have. I’ll do my best to respond and I would love to start a conversation about this piece and all of the work involved in it!

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Thanks, guys!


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Youtube comments:

I haven't even watched this yet but I'm already so excited! I'm not even that much into VFX, more general filmmaking and DoP-ing, but when Allan makes a high-quality VFX tutorial, that's a must-watch! Keep them up mate! :) Shared your video on r/vfx, pretty well received! :D
Hi sir... My self prasad. I from india. I have to make career as vfx artist for movies. But i dont no how to start it. So. Need your giudence. Pls help me Thank you. Waiting for your reply sir
Doctor Who Pandora
Pozdrawiam serdecznie Best regards Frodo Production
Akshay Tripathi
41:33 . I find this scene really cool but my doubt is that , the cg character of stephen does that rool right ?? so is stephen strange fully CG in this or the live action one ?? and if its full cg, how does he look like a real human cuz its veryy realistic ???
anthony mcgrath
Finally got around to watching this (a bit each morning this week lol) and the venom one over the weekend. Great overview videos learned loads 👍🏽😎 And that scene of thanos in wakanda.. anyone saying he doesn't look real and a rubber chin would have been better needs to shut the hell up.. I'm busy making my own and the magnitude of work to hit even 25% of what they did is insane.
Ravindra Badgujar
Hey Allan, When will we see the VFX case study for Endgame?
can't find words to say thank you.. that's inspirational!
Hello Allan sir. Lots of love from India. This is Vinit and currently studying visual effects in one of the Vfx institute in Mumbai India. I am following you since a long and it is one of my wish and dream to work in Hollywood. I have decided to make my career in FX and i want to know wheather should i join any institutes or colleges in Canada or get some experience in the same industry and apply in the studio. One of the studio maybe call it a dream studio to work is ILM. Also softwares i currently use for FX is 3ds Max, Rayfire, Fume FX, Realflow and also learning Houdini online. Looking forward with your reply and some tips in Visual effects career and Thanking you again.
Xpress Studios
Make an episode on motion capture from start to finish. It would be very glad to see that!
Brandon Tuck
41:00 was probably the biggest takeaway for me. It makes sense why all the Marvel action scenes are so consistent, cuz the directors barely even touch that part.
Now that Engame is released and the Spoiler ban has been lifted, could you reveal what you were refering to at 55:27? I‘ve been wondering what that was ever since I saw this.
Austin Smith
Tron breakdown would be amazing!
Luke Lo
this video's1080p looks like a 720p video. it's too blurry to watch
Dust Mites?
I really enjoy your VFX breakdowns, the level of detail you describe helps me be a better comic artist. Visual Effects are everywhere!
Istvan Fazakas
I guess u have some monster rendering computers there :-)
Interesting video, taking it to a new level (for me). Thanks.
Rajarajan Manoharan
I wish you'd do one for Transformers.
These breakdown videos are amazing! Thank you so much for these. As someone who is still learning, maybe for future videos it would be great if you broke down at least certain things even more - for example like with the characters turning to ash - it would've been great to know what software might've been used and or what plugins. Like was it Maya and Nparticles or MASH, or was it all After Effects and Trapcode Particular? Or was it a hybrid of certain 3D and 2D tools? Quick software points would be great, thanks!
Yo mama so big she doesn't fit in frame;)