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Augmented Lighting

I wanted to share a quick visual effects tutorial on using Optical Flares from Video Copilot within Nuke, taking advantage of the 3D information. I used a camera track I pulled out of 3DS Max and brought in as an Alembic or FBX and used the 3D camera and 3D lights to then generate augmented […]

VFX Hardware

Hey guys this video goes over what type of hardware settings to use with FumeFX as well as better ways to work to get faster and more reliable simulations and more importantly more efficient workplace practice! Great for 3ds max vray cg render pipeline and fluids and particle simulations. Understanding what computer to buy for […]

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Transformers 3 VFX

A breakdown of all the VFX passes for one of the many shots I created for Transformers 3 – The Dark of The Moon.

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