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How to Get a Job as a 3D Artist (Without Any Experience)

How do you get a job as a 3D artist without any experience? Don’t miss out on weekly content, because new videos later this week (subscribe here) We see this so often “5 years minimum feature film experience required”. That’s great, but if every job requires experience, how exactly do I get it in […]

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How To Make Money Online

Learn your side hustle and how to make money on the side as a 3D artist or in fact any type of creative. Leverage your creative skills to create an additional side business to generate income and gain financial freedom. One of the big frustrations that we all have is — we want more money. […]

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Do This ONE THING: How To Be SUCCESSFUL as an Artist

The secret to getting success in your VFX and design industry is through a simple concept I apply to every part of my career. Probably the biggest roadblock for creatives is that we’re so focused on landing our first job, getting our first feature, building a name or getting status in our industry, that we […]

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Instagram For Artists (Personal Branding Tips in 2019)

This video is focused on Instagram for Artists, and how to build your personal brand, and understanding the Instagram algorithm. We all know we need to build our personal brand. And we all know we should focus on getting our name out there, spending time on social media, and making sure our portfolio gets the […]

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Doubling My Instagram Growth (Hashtags Tutorial for 2020)

In this video, you’ll learn the 9 critical tips I’ve used to build a stronger audience on Instagram through using Instagram hashtags THE RIGHT WAY. (BTW – Subscribe here: In the past 3 months I’ve had major growth on Instagram primarily from really diving deep into exactly how Instagram hashtags work, and how to […]

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Why Personal Branding is Important in 2019 (Allan McKay)

Get 2 FREE months of Skillshare premium: The importance of personal branding and why personal branding is important What It Takes To Build A Brand (How I Built My Personal Brand) and how I built my personal brand focusing on Digital Marketing. Let’s talk about what it takes to build a brand and how […]

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ZBrush Character Design Studio — Aaron Sims Creative (2019)

In this episode, I’m speaking with Aaron Sims, the Founder of Aaron Sims Creative. I’m really excited for this one! Aaron and I discuss his career history as well as his company Aaron Sims Creative. His resume goes on forever: from Wonder Woman to Logan to Wrath of the Titans, to Clash of the Titans, […]

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Build Your Personal Brand as an Artist

This is one of the most critical episodes so far in our journey to grow our career and multiply our successes. Something so critical yet overlooked is defining our name and our niche and building our brand. Associating ourselves in a way that will resonate with others and key ways to introduce ourselves that will […]

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Work from Home 2019 (Side Hustle Graphics Jobs in Design + VFX)

This is a Live Stream discussing the benefits around working remotely in visual effects, design and game development. Whether from home or on the road, the flexibility and advantages of being off site are great. We even talk about changing careers, moonlighting on the side and more.

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Realism in Hollywood Visual Effects (3D VFX in 2019)

Do you think CGI looks fake? Let’s talk realism in Hollywood Visual Effects! Free City Destruction VFX Class (8 lessons + project files): Thank you for subscribing to my YouTube Channel: Over 60 Free VFX Tutorials on our channel: This is a topic that gets brought up a lot “that shot looks […]

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Harmon Brothers – From Poop To Gold (Viral Filmmaking)

This is a recent interview I did with the Harmon Brothers, who are the leaders in directing intentional viral commercials. I have been following these guys for some time, also recently attended multiple talks of theirs. It’s been really fascinating to see their creative process. As not only have they nailed what works, they approach […]

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How Would I Start My Creative Career Today (2019)?

I’ve been in the VFX and Games industry for almost 25 years, but the landscape has changed. What would it look like TODAY if I were to start over? What would I do if I were to want to get a job as fast as possible, and land a career in visual effects or game […]

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Should You Go to College to Study 3D (3DS Max Houdini Maya)?

The big question I get asked a lot is “What’s the best 3D school?” or “Should I go to college to study 3D?” I’ve asked a lot of people both in the industry, as well as teachers at VFX schools that I trust about what their opinions are on this. Because I have my beliefs […]

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Car Destruction Class

If you’re interested in more of these lessons, please click the video’s title (to visit the YouTube page) and leave a comment requesting more of these. Even a simple “YES” in the comments to let me know I should put out more of these in the coming weeks. Thanks so much! -Allan (and thank you […]

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VFX Job Interview Questions – Top 5 Tips (For 3D Artists)

In this video I answer the top 5 toughest VFX Job Interview Questions that you’re likely to run into. As we discuss not only what to say to these questions, but also the real meaning behind them — and why these job interview questions are asked in the first place. This is not the corporate […]

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How to Learn CG and VFX

The most frequent question I get asked from VFX artists starting out is: “How to learn VFX?” Or: “How to learn CG & VFX” Where to start learning VFX? In this video I share some tips about 3D and Animation software such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and zBrush. I also talk about how […]

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Traveling the World as a Digital Nomad (3D Artist and VFX)

Traveling the world as a Digital Nomad – for 3D Artists, Designers and all other creatives. This is a live stream with Sergio Paez (previously Lucas Film and other studios – check out and Mitch Bowler (previous of Activision – check out and Allan McKay. We dig deep into the lifestyle of artist’s […]

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A Call to Level Up (in Our Creative Career)

This is a difficult one to put out, as I’ll be honest I’ve been putting off posting this for some time. However, I was just in Paris the past week at the IAMAG Masterclass event talking with some of my students and friends about the pain points they’ve had in their career. And it’s something […]

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Writing the Perfect VFX Job Email in 2019

Crafting the perfect E-Mail Cover Letter is a science. Your cover letter is everything! It sets the tone for you as you introduce yourself. I’ve watched many amazing artist’s VFX or motion graphics demo reels get completely overlooked because they failed to write a captivating cover letter. No matter how great your reel is, without […]

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What’s the Best Way to Learn VFX? – Ask Me Anything #3 [3DS Max]

Recently I held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for the Allan McKay’s Podcast. This is one of the many questions answered. More to come! Whether it’s on whether to use 3DS Max , Maya or Houdini as your primary VFX software or where best to learn visual effects, tutorials or school (i.e. Gnomon, Video Copilot, […]

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