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Allan McKay - Level Up

Episode 185 — A Call to Level Up

This is a personal essay on how to level up. I don’t think this Podcast is going to be for everyone; and if doesn’t resonate with you, it might not be the right time for you. I want to cut the bullshit and call it what it is: If you want to fucking level up […]

How to Set Your Big Goals To Stick

 ​So, have you started your New Year’s resolutions yet? I think we all have mixed feelings about this topic, since most of us are convinced New Year’s resolutions don’t work — and statistically, they don’t. In fact 80% of New ​Year’s resolutions fail by February. So whether it’s December 31st or August 18th, the driver […]

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What 20 Years of Failure Taught Me

I want to talk about an important subject here: The major failures I’ve had in my career — but also how they’ve led to major wins! One of the ones I talk about in this video was hitting a cap on what I could charge as a freelancer and how rethinking how I price myself […]

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Episode 174 — Goal Atrophy

  Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Check out Upload The Productive Artist e-book. Allan McKay’s YouTube Channel. Allan McKay’s Instagram.   Episode 174 — Goal Atrophy Hey, everyone! This is Allan McKay. Welcome to Episode 174! Let’s talk about goals in 2019 — and how to set ourselves up to […]

Episode 110 — Your 90-Day Year

  Sign up for the FREE New Training here: Download The Productive Artist by Allan McKay here: Download a guide for Setting Yourself Up for the BEST YEAR YET! here:     Episode 110 – Your 90-Day Year One thing I’ve talked about is your Some Day Goal ( By having that compass, you can check if what you’re […]

Episode 108 — Finding Your Purpose

  Sign up for the FREE New Training here: Download The Productive Artist by Allan McKay here: Download a guide for Setting Yourself Up for the BEST YEAR YET! here:     Episode 108 – Finding Your Purpose [-[27:11] What I figured we would talk about something really important: If your goals […]

Episode 53 – Actionable Goals

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   This episode is a big one on goal setting we cover a lot of great subjects and topics situated around goal setting but more importantly actionable steps to building better habits rather than it just being simple mindsets that aren’t going to […]

Revisiting our 2015 goals – and learning to fail UP!

Click here to listen on iTunes! Back in December we set out the challenge of setting BIG goals for 2015 and as time passes – it’s time to check in.. How are you doing with your goals? This episode is to focus not on setting goals, but how to stay accountable and how to minimize […]